Gold Silver and Crypto update for 05/05/22 – Its Show Time

Money Metals Exchange – buy your gold and silver here. Use Promo Code: Pimpy and all first time buyers will have a chance to …


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  1. That world economic forum coin you speak of actually functions as a utility. What can your #ethgate do? I remember you saying the only crypto you liked was ETH LMAO. You were fooled like the rest to think that coin did something special now u hear the founders saying it doesn’t even work. You got duped by the big lie

  2. Great video!! Investments are stepping stones to wealth .., you won't have to worry about money any more mostly because your investment creates more money

  3. Why do you people buy something that don’t exist I don’t understand you can’t hold it when the government decide they have all your of money then it disappear if I can’t hold it in my hands I don’t want it

  4. Thank you !!! Yesss I remember that when I woke up to buy silver late 2020 used to be $12/oz went up to $20/oz… I was sooo upset at myself why I’ve waited too long. Thanks to you Pimpy I started following you here 👏👏🥰🎆🤸🏼‍♀️

  5. Serious question. Being that ppl like myself that have learned from ppl like you not to sale when stocks/metals/cryptos etc go down. Do you think that's what's going on even with inflation? We've seemed to learned eventually that all could possibly go back up as long as we know and understand the fundamentals of what we're investing in. Also, the phrase "don't to let a good crisis go to waste" is more commonly known now. That's if they're investing what money they don't mind losing and have learned not to live below theirs means. Just wonder if many aren't as affected these days. Oh plus the fact that the pandemic taught many ppl different ways to make passive income and/or found a hustle.

    Also, there's not enough crypto history to say precious metals rise faster in a crisis. I believe more ppl are educated on these things now.

  6. Wrong again Pimpy. Gold and silver are commodities, and they are money as well. Go try to tell any microelectronics manufacturer that they are not commodities and you will get laughed out of the building. YouTube content creators need to stop being such absolutists in their speech…

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