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  1. Naw, we don't go to commercial theaters anymore: mass shootings, can't pause to go pee, talking people, people playing on their smartphones, covid19, Overpriced candy.

    Instead, everybody streams movies so buy Amazon and Apple.

  2. It was halted on the run up to 35 it had a lot of room to go, had to stop at the gas station on the way to work I was so pissed off. Gme was halted at the exact same time and it was running harder.

  3. A lot you are missing from amc and gme. From dark pool investigations to split for gme, Ryan call options purchase to him buying more gme shares
    . AMC is over 90 owned by retail the stock will make moves out of nowhere to the upside. From halts to shorts going backrupt. Melvin, and others. Also media is trying to pin market crash on meme holders. Don’t miss out on this one it’s one of retail fav 4million apes strong. Next movies coming out are great and amc will put some big numbers. It’s only a matter of time. Many of use have been holding over a year and have 3x our shares or more. It’s just heavy manipulation.

  4. Hey Jordan. We know AMC fundamentals suck, but the Catalyst for AMC is that the dirty shorts have not yet covered. Retail owns 95%. According to Ortex, institution owned 50% of AMC shares when it was announced that retail owned 90% of the 513M official AMC shares.

    This means that the amount of synthetic shares out there out number the official amount of shares 10 times over.

    Regardless of the Fundamentals, the "squeezy-squeezy" catalyst for the AMC squeeze is that the stock will erupt 1000X or more once the dirty shorts cover.

    I believe this will happen once they drive the price low enough for them to cover.

    Many Hedge Funds are going out of business.

    I saw a threat on Twitter by a bias dirty short responding to some trolling APES which read; "See you at $10)

    This is when I think they will cover. However, they may get Margin called any time before the price gets driven down to $10.00.

    It depends if they made arrangements with the banks as to what price they will cover to avoid being margin called prematurely. It could be any time now, but I am thinking they will cover anywhere between $8 and $10.. this is just my opinion and taking a wild guess… I'm not trying to advise for the record.

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