"Freak Show Friday & Open Lines" ft Matt 5/6/22

Last show of a the week and what a week it was. Big topics of discussion, great guests, and we have more for you tonight with Matt …


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  1. I love Matt even when he's excited he sounds so serious and New York. His laugh is even serious. I'd love to drink, fight, then hug. Only real people do that.

  2. I suppose that you are too young to have remembered when Obama care was being enacted 2 million people showed up in 2 million Showed up in Washington DC to try to stop the bill over a 3 day. Period My social media accounts all the pictures of this event. Washington DC shut all of the street cameras off so that news could not send out the event

  3. Hey, Frank … although I seldom comment, I’m a nightly* “drop-in” listener/subscriber/sharer (believe it, or not) … for YEARS

    So you know, we adore you, here in upstate NY.

    We’re. Listening.

    Please keep-up w/ your great work.

    Peace, Kate from Rochester. Xo 😘

  4. Michael Savage has now been blackballed from all media including newsmax because he told the truth about the Ukraine Russia deal and said he didn't blame Putin and that he hope Putin fucked zielinsky up

  5. Im begining to bust out my tinfoil hat more and more these days .
    Ever thing they are pushing a pre transhuman/trans / bisexuality hybrid agenda to NORMALIZE a different species that might be only 1 sex and have male like genital and give birth?

    Because that would make sense ,however ,this current push for actual humans to be completely delusional about gender sex and reproductive health is insane .Its a mental health crisis .

    This does no one any good to make people completely delusional about gender .Unless its their way of grooming our species for a hybrid or alien takover and forcing us to acept them in our society

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