Collingwood to investigate "horrifying" claims – Footy Classified | Footy on Nine

Footy Classified’s Caroline Wilson gives us the latest on Heritier Lumumba’s latest allegations about his time at Collingwood FC.


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  1. This pain in the arse will drop these "stories" every couple of years, Harry is out to destroy this club, the same club that gave this bloke the opportunity to play with one of the biggest clubs in the world, and I follow the saints fyi

  2. A porno photo that has 1 woman and 4 men. Wait so women can't do porn these days? I bet it was the photo of the blonde white chick on couch with the 4 black dudes behind her xD

  3. Did anyone see the interview he gave to the media when he said he was taped and had to escape Brazil or whatever and had to change his name? Are Collingwood responsible for that?

  4. The reason why Lamumba gave his interview to the ABC is because the ABC thrives on the word Racism. They love holding people hostage to that word. Racism.
    PS. Making a comment on Cyril Riolis. Wife's Jean's she was wearing is NOT racism.

  5. We get told about disgusting comments but never get told what the comments are so we are expected to simply agree that people like Caro are our own measure of morality. Yeah nahhhhhh, in this day and age of fake news and hyper political correctness I would prefer the facts thanks.

  6. An image that 4 men and a woman are involved in………. abusive towards women………. that woman might have been wanting to be in that situation ? Might not.

  7. Sounds like he is after cash , Look at his profile and it said chimp as his nick name mmm ,who does this Brazilian think he is , time to move on harry o crieing we know your after money from the start ,

  8. This world is going mad! Is porn suddenly illegal? So many fragile snowflakes that are outraged at anything and everything! These woke leftist idiots are truly unbearable and humourless!

  9. This is why I don't watch this garbage. Something that might have happened a decade ago and Wilson and Hutchinson conduct a kangaroo court. Disgusting.

  10. I knew when he changed his name to Lamumba ,racism would come into it. Also ask Lamumba if he has ever made sexist remarks. And someone who records conversations , has an agenda

  11. Hey Caroline, Porn is so common in today's society. Young and Old! I don't agree with it, but are all our children demon's? I'm 62, unfortunately, with the growing freedom of society we have created an environment, that is not healthy for relationships, in my opinion. Mature people (most) understand the value of real interpersonal relationships and don't want or need porn, younger people seem to be driven by their hormones, and anthing can happen.
    WRT Heritier Lumumba, he is a angry man, he has been hurt, and feels damaged, and he is seeking vengance! He is trying to destroy all those that he feels damaged him, and I don't know whether he is justified or not, but I do know, Nothing good is going to come from his current actions, he thinks he is saving someone, I don't know who it is. I think he was a wonderful player, and at the time I liked his personality and style. I feel he is now alienating many of those who used to admire him.
    The world of elite professional sport is not fair, nice or politically correct. Anyone who thinks it is, is a fool.

  12. A Collingwood coach showed the players a rude image over a decade ago!
    I say cut the Pies out of the next draft and take away some home and away points!
    Disgusting sexist, homophobic, zenaphonic and racist behaviour Collingwood.

  13. Thanks Harry You have showed us that Collingwood are the reason for racism in the world today now they’re also the reason for sexism I guess next you will tell us Collingwood are the reason for interest-rate hikes and inflation or the war in Ukraine at first I really thought you were fighting against racism but now it’s obvious you are just looking for attention it’s a pity this is the only way you can get it

  14. Harry O, you were a terrific player at Collingwood some 10 years ago. You are now retired, you were embraced by the playing group and fans of your day. If an apology is not what you want then it must be about the money.
    And Caro cut the BS, people are sick to death of this story. Harry could have left Collingwood in the heat of this issue but chose not to.
    And let's face it, we've all been called names and slanders we have not liked, but hey that's the human race.

  15. Lamumba has become an absolute woke pest! He seems to be hell bent on creating some sort of politically correct agenda for the AFL
    ( even though the afl has gone down that path on its own )
    & is using his former club as a stepping stone for his subjective views!
    Collingwood need to move on & stop entertaining trivial matters brought up from over a decade!

  16. What a beat up, showed a porn joke! None of these clowns on Channel 9 watch TV of course, never heard any 'foul language on TV' Never heard one told in a pub or anywhere else whilst having a beer!

  17. Footy Club? Intoxication, pornographic image shown to players who would have thought? Worse things have happened behind the alter in a church or in the White House?

    Get a grip people.

  18. Maybe the AFL should ban all aboriginals from playing football until the rates of domestic violence and child rape go down to acceptable levels in their communities. Not to mention the misogony, females are not even allowed to play their digeridoo.
    This has nothing at all to do with the current collingwood fc and trying to divide people by race as Lumumba, with the help of moron commentators like Wilson try to do is the ultimate form of racism.
    Lamumba is not annoyed that he was treated differently, he is annoyed because he was was not treated as special and above everyone else.

  19. Harry Obrien should just fade away instead of attention seeking . Of course Crone Wilson sees racism, sexism everywhere because society is just not perfect enough for a leftist feminist .

  20. Amazing. Obviously this stuff wasn't an issue when he was employed, and getting paid a fat money contract from the club. Now it's a problem his playing career is over, not saying there isn't problems, just funny it's being addressed now. I'm not a Collingwood supporter either.

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