Embracing the Chaos | Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast Episode 201

The Embracer Group’s appetite for developers cannot be satiated. The never-ending expansion of what is rapidly becoming …


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  1. AC Blackflag ship combat…make that as a whole game…how is this so hard to figure out? Oh wait they want to make it as a game as a service. Way to fuck it up Ubisoft.

  2. Is it possible that they let go of their American studios to avoid any more investigation from the FTC? I’m not a legal expert but it seems that the FTC is getting more involved in these acquisitions.

  3. As far as game trials go, no steam and sony are not doing the same thing, however i would say that being able to refund a game is more important then being able to demo a game.

    There have been many times where i was convinced i was going to enjoy a game, bought it and just wasn't feeling it anymore and got my money back.

  4. it could be the deal is like gearbox. 300 million up front then another payment if they meet certain criteria. the second payment could still be under negotiation. gearbox was also a few hundred million up front then another billion if Randy doesn't do something stupid. I'd imagine just the tomb raider merch by itself would earn quite a lot.

  5. Agree on the value talk. There is no formula for game content v. game price. Gamers trying to equate cost directly to an hour count (and giving feedback based on that) is hurting games. Everything feels bloated and arbitrary. Let developers make the games they wanna make. Stop demanding 30+ hours. It’s always fluff.

  6. Rise Against was one of my favourite live performances, during the last chorus of Prayer Of The Refugee, Ben from Billy Talent rushed out from backstage, ripped the mic away and started belting it. Absolutely Epic!

  7. The comparison of Rocket League with PUBG is apt however I think we all forget just how truly awful PUBG is and was. It was no surprise Fortnite trounced it. Fortnite looked, performed, and played better than PUBG. Rocket League isn't even close to as shitty of a game as PUBG and will take far more to topple.

  8. Personally I look at the Square Enix sale as the company ridding themselves of the last vestiges of the Wada era. It's the same story as Inafune trying to run Capcom into the ground. 360/PS3 era rolls around and with big hits like Gears, CoD, and Halo they claim no one cares about Japanese games anymore so they have to go buy/start these western companies and dump hundreds of millions of dollars into it.

    Capcom managed to get rid of that mentality around 5 years ago and now they're at a point where they have to revise earning forecasts because they're making MORE money than they planned. Square as usual is slow as fuck so they're only now realizing that people want Japanese games from them, not all this other shit. But they are learning though. The current president has been very open about wanting to focus more on AA/niche Japanese stuff. Seems to be working out as well considering how many smaller success stories they had with stuff like Trials of Mana, Bravely Default 2, and Triangle Strategy (which I think a lot of people have ignored as it's Switch only, but that game has sold over 1 mil copies already. Absolutely crazy.) I hope we see more of that side of Square going forward as I've been enjoying a lot of their output the past couple of years.

  9. So is Square Enix going to sell themselves off since Babylons Fall(developed/published by SE) at one point hit like 10 players and has 29 players at the moment of this comment?

    Final Fantasy has Square Enix in their backpack and is carrying this publisher/developer. Their mismanagement is truly abysmal.

  10. My local walmart has stocked up on a plethora of Xbox Series S since launch and I've seen the X a few times. I've never seen a single PS5 of either iteration and at launch I remember the store having a sign stating they weren't getting them. With that said, I'm not sure my local walmart ever even got ps5s. This supply constraint has had a huge impact just in my neck of the woods.

  11. Knockback is actually how I end many nights. The nostalgia is comforting and my love for South Park was what led me to the episode about the movie, to then discovering the rest of the great entries and rediscovering this channel entirely.

  12. Colin's continued use of the word "droll" to describe things that are boring, or perhaps drab, is questionable at best lol.

  13. Yaaay I'm glad that Colin is giving Gravity Rush another chance. I really love that game's world and characters. I feel like Kat is the Peter Parker of that world (even though she's kind of a ditz). She's the most powerful person around, but is constantly broke and constantly being shit on by other characters.

  14. Why didn’t Sony buy Square’s Western studios? They could have had Tomb Raider and Deus Ex exclusive to PlayStation. Surely $300m would be chump change for Papa Ryan after spending $3.6 Billion on Bungie

  15. Monster Hunter Rise is a great game. It’s awesome on PC, but it’s also great on Switch. Dustin is just hopped up on goof balls. The way he was talking about Nintendo made my head hurt.

    Also, Colin, Wonderlands was NOT free on ps+, that was the borderlands 2 dlc.

  16. I think it's safe to say that Arcane has taken the crown from Castlevania for best video game adaptation. I sure hope that the boys (or at the very least, the Knockback boys) watch the 6-episode series.

  17. I think the trend of lazy (creatively bankrupt) live action adaptations is only going to get worse as time goes on. There will definitely be gems, but it'll be a while until we have at least one major studio knocking out banger after banger a la MCU or the level of quality you could get from a whole animation team and production company. The worst part is that our boomer parents are gonna see them and think Mark Walberg is Natan Drake to us.

  18. Next-gen exclusives don't seem like a terribly great idea when people still can't walk in to a store a purchase one. As it stands now, you either need to get lucky or pay an insane markup to a scalper. A major exclusive for these consoles would come off as tone deaf.

  19. No way Colin seriously believes a few lawsuits aren't worth owning Call of Duty and the rest of Activision's library.

  20. Woah Mafia 1 remake is soooo good. The music, the story, gameplay shooting/driving and the mission variety is honestly better then gta 5. You feel you're in that world when playing. I wish I could play that game again coming in fresh, not knowing a thing. Mafia 2 is also really good but it wasn't a true remake, but you real feel you're in that time.

  21. Animated movies definitely better then live action movies. Batman animated movies 100% better then any live action batman movie that's come out in the last 20 years. Batman Death In The Family is pure gold, and the short film after words is just amazing better then any Hollywood film.

  22. Colin, In you're "what we're playing", you mentioned that you were playing Tiny Tina's Wonderlands because it was free on PS+. Are you playing the new Borderlands game "Tiny Tina's Wonderlands" which just came out in 2022, or are you playing "Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon's Keep: A Wonderlands One Shot Adventure"? The latter is just one of the DLC packs from Borderlands 2 pulled out of the rest of Borderlands 2 so it can be a standalone game while the former is like that DLC pack fleshed out into a full game. As far as I'm aware, the 2022 Wonderlands never came to PS+, but if it did, I'd love to find out how I missed picking that one up so I don't make that mistake anymore.

  23. You guys talking about what the final 6 months of developing a game are is pretty funny. As a developer a lot comes together in the last stretch of game development. I know Colin works as a indie developer, he should have contested Chris.

  24. I don't know what it is with rocket league, but a lot of podcasts are talking about it in recent weeks. It's one of my favorite games of the last decade. I still play it online, and I have been ever since it was free on PS plus years ago.

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