When I SAY SELL, YOU SELL. Now What???

I warned you and was the only one that said to sell… Free Trial Jerry’s Indicator: …


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  2. I looked at mutual funds graphs for last 6 months. The only funds that either lost less than 10% or were flat were unknown nobody knows about funds. Like real estate stock for tractors or something. Who else is feeling like chalking up 40% losses? Even stocks like Apple and MSFT are bearish with no end. Russia threatens nuclear war, inflation, and Powell every week says we have to raise rates 5 times. Then 7 times. Then 15 times.Then 50 times lol. more than previously than thought but more bad every week

  3. Elon have Tesla shares as collateral .
    If ppls short Tesla or the value for some reason goes down by a lot he can get a margin call and liquidated bringing the price down even more.

    It's a risk you have to live with owning tesla.

  4. I am sooooo screwed. I kept listening to those that said just hang on and don’t sell. I never thought the markets would get this low and every day I still don’t know what to do as I watch them sink lower.

  5. I am generally a contrarian investor but I've caught a few falling knives over the years. I'm learning to contain my enthusiasm when a stock I've been wanting in on for years has a big drop. This is one I'm going to watch from the sideline for the foreseeable future.

  6. Sold some Tesla on a high, once I realised Musk would need to sell shares to buy Twitter, then bought back in again today at a low immediately on the open, after Musk confirmed he is done selling and right before the price starts climbing upwards.
    Feeling pretty happy. 😎

  7. Again very useful info Jerry. Sold all Amazon a couple of weeks ago due to a your earlier YouTube. Probably better buy Berkshire if one wants exposure to Apple. Only as a long term play.

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