Food Scientist Breaks Down Every Plant-Based Milk | WIRED

Food scientist Rosemary Trout analyzes each and every plant-based milk. From household staples like almond milk and oak milk …


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  1. 1:35 wait, we DON'T want the oat to get slimey? LOL I thought that's the main pro of oat milk in general, that's why I've learned to make it with WARM water.

    But I see how many don't like that aspect of oat, so it makes sense… I'll try with cold water next time.

  2. As a Dairy guy at Whole Foods I’ll use this information to better inform the customers in my department. They’ll think I’m the Plant Based Milk God 😂

  3. Is it just me, or does the kitchen used in this video look like the one in "How to Cut Every Cheese" on the Epicurious channel? 😅

    edit: nvm. turns out, WIRED and Epicurious are owned by the same company 😅

  4. I find it super ironic that everyone loves to point out how horrible almond groves are, but there’s zero mention of the bazillion vineyards which are draining the water table.

  5. i am allergic to casein (present in all dairy products), hemp, and legumes (like peas, soy, beans, tamarind, peanuts, and so many more). I make homemade sunflower seed milk with a machine that makes plant based milks (in Asia a lot of people have them to make homemade soy milk). It's super creamy and super cheap to make, same way as you would make soy milk.

    Almost all plant based milks have either soy or peas as added ingredients so I resorted to making my own. I loved the taste of store bought flaxseed milk but it has that problem. Coconut milk is easier to buy without added stuff.

    I had never heard of potato milk, but I would love to try it! Potatoes are super easy to digest for most people with digestive issues, I hope I can get my hands on a homemade recipe to try 😋

    Also, I have yet to find a video on the environmental implications of pea milk.

  6. sunkist sells nut milks in southeast asia, which is cool, until u see a blue sunkist logo on a bottle of pistachio milk and it takes several seconds for you to realize they produce more than orange juice

  7. I'm lactose intolerant so I probably can't break down any of these quite like how she can, I'm not even gonna watch the video flex.

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