Hygiene Haul + Shop With Me | Hygiene Shopping Vlog

Hey Loveessss! Back with another Hygiene shopping vlog. I love doing these hauls and you guys seem to love them too I ended …


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  1. Ur so pretty , ur eyes are so light I enjoyed the video! Definitely have to stop at some places soon to re-up on my hygiene products because summer is around the corner and I’m tryna smell,look, feel and taste good! Ok period yk what I mean 🤣💅🏽💕🥰

  2. This bag is leather and beautiful, I've already bought one for my sister! Looking forward to it This is definitely the highest quality replica bag I've ever seen, and bagxgo.com is very professional! There are so many frauds in this industry, it's hard to find reliable sellers, thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I'd love to know your favorite high end body wash! I am currently in love with body butter from trader's joe, it's great for super dry skin.

    My favorite high end body washes are : L'Occitane almond shower oil, Le labo (honestly all fragrances they have are just superb) and onelove organic all over wash 🙂 these are staples for me although occasionally I also love korres body washes and lush but can't keep up with the hefty price tag so I don't feel bad spending all my dollars in wally world, Marshalls and of course TJ Maxx lol

  4. I really love your videos because it shows affordable daily prices that aren’t too overpriced and able to afford + it’s refreshing watching your videos! I just wish we had those products in Canada! 🙁

  5. Those treehut body scrubs do really be doing its thang but you should try the foam body scrubs from bath and body works those work well too

  6. I love the Nivea body creams, especially the coconut one…I hate the Nivea dry spray deodorant, it leaves a white cast on my pits. That Truly dupe, didn't like that either..it was kinda of sticky and didn't smell so good out the jar 😩

  7. Try the Honey Pot Non-Herbal pads, they don’t cause the irritation that the herbal ones seem to give the girls. They are really good; the superior pad imo. Also, try Hey Humans deodorant (natural), Rosewater Ginger is a cool scent.

  8. A fellow product junkie I see lol.Them Honey Pot wipes do burn once u first put them on for 10 min then it stops and cools. I would recommend just getting reusable washable period panties. They come in different shapes and more sizes,Amazon and V.S. carry some.

  9. Love love the haul as always you pick up some great items never try the method before maybe I'll pick up one when I go to the store I have my eye on the body chemistry fragrance as well maybe I'll check them out the next time I am in Target. Definitely got to head up T.j Maxx I have not been there in a while they always have good hygiene products thank you for sharing ❤️

  10. Love ur videos but the music is too loud we don’t hear you well and can’t concentrate on what y say btw . Keep up w the good work tho💝

  11. Hey girl!!! I love your videos!!! Can’t wait for more… also you do be looking prettyyyyy with those braids! Also you should do a like pink themed video! Luv ya ❤️❤️❤️💞💞

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