UFC Fight Night Vicente Luque vs Belal Muhammad 2 | The Outlawed Picks Podcast Episode #51

Join Dan Hardy and guest co-host Jamie Allsop as they make their picks for this weekends UFC Fight Night, Vicente Luque Vs …


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  1. Picks were completely off by miles. Really frustrating. Especially since I made quite a bit of money from going with Dan's picks for UFC 273. Was really hoping for a similar outcome. Oh well. That's how it be sometimes.

  2. Yans missing corner, was the difference to me in this rematch. Especially when considering how close the fight was, as the fight went on 💯💯💯

  3. Aljo did something: AVOID FIGHTING AT ALL COST. Man that Clown gets under my skin..
    Luckily he gets under Danas to, do there will be a 3rd one….😁
    Aljo WILL TAKE THAT BEATING. His «style» this time, crawling to keep close to canvas so Yan would be hesitant to strike… He is the most ILLEGITEMATE UFV champ EVER.

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