ASMR I got a Pain Relief Massage in Japan. This is a sign you should get one too!

S P E C I A L T H A N K S salon info: Senzu no Chikara Jiyugaoka branch 仙豆のちから 自由が丘店 address: Tokyo, Jiyugaoka …


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  1. 日本語は下!salon: Senzu no Chikara Jiyugaoka branch 仙豆のちから 自由が丘店

    address: Tokyo, Jiyugaoka station, Tokyo GROVE301

    menu I got: 70mins of massage. 6600yen/$56.

    Branches at Osaka, Aichi and Okayama prefectures.

    Discount for ASMR Twix Subscribers only on March !

    Mention "ASMR Twix" in the checkout or in the beginning of your session to get 1000yen/$9 discount.
    If you get 60mins or longer, you can use this discount.

    Also discount is applied in Tokyo Jiyugaoka(this spa) and Meguro branch.

    book here:

    仙豆のちから 自由が丘店
    東京都目黒区自由が丘1- 24-6 GROVE 301



    受けたコースは:new!【ご新規様限定】オーダーメイド!75分じっくり改眠コース ¥6,600







  2. your channel makes me desperately want to treat myself to a massage but I know I'll become addicted to how relaxing it is and spend all my money on repeatedly getting more massages 😅 so I live my dream life vicariously through your videos lol

  3. The way she doesn't act like a person the entire video – oof. That is not her real voice. I'm so tired of a world where we're so dehumanized that we expect to stop acting like people in the professional world, and of a professional world separate from community and humanity.

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