Trazodone Review (Uses, Dosing, Side Effects, & More!)

Psychiatrist reviews trazodone (Desyrel) and discusses uses, dosing, side effects, and more! *** Link to Dr. Aly’s FREE …


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  1. Hi Dr
    I absolutely love your videos!
    Im 52 and started having to deal with insomnia about 18 months ago. I have tried everything for sleep, including sleep hygiene, z meds, nothing works.
    Im also on a taper from klonopin, just taking .125mg, Mr Dr wants me to give trazadone a try. She also suggested seraquel 25mg. But researching that medication it seems very dangerous at low doses even.
    Do you feel trazadone is safer option?
    Also does chronic insomnia ever go away? Thank you so much for helping everyone out suffering with problems
    May God Bless you each day

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