Gypsy Crusader being wholesome compilation

Gypsy Crusader being wholesome compilation Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed this wholesome video of gypsy …


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  1. I think people need to realize, radicalized people, often times come from places of grave oppression a lot of the time, not always, but in one of the most notorious cases, nazism, hitler had a horrible life. Not excusing him, but often extremists are so extreme because they feel trapped and angry by the world around them. Gypsy crusader was a such man. Great guy, that was oppressed by such disgusting individuals and a disgusting establishment. I’m tied of people acting like the world sucks, but we can’t do anything, so fuck it. Why don’t we change this worthless pos world for the better so we at least have the chance to have a better tomorrow. I’m sick and tired of this. Gypsy crusader was a sane man driven to do insane things.

  2. I didn't expect him to be nice to the little girl at the end. Because he hates people of color, and I can see why because they leaked his house address, threatened/harassed his family and got his job taken away. However, it is nice to see he isn't just racist to every person. I feel bad for him because he's got so much potential and now he's in prison. I hope when he comes back he can continue doing omegle videos with some what wholesomeness and grow a fan base.

  3. Gypsy is the pure example of counter productive Social activism, we all wanna squash racism and homophobia, but in doing some of the radical ways to get rid of it, you make bigger monsters, but Gypsy isn’t even really a monster, just extremely vocal, but I don’t believe you’ll see him killing blacks, Jews, and Mexicans, he hates them, but still respects their right of life, it’s a strange to have a conversation about a racist with a heart of gold lmao

  4. This makes me sad kinda. He seems like a good guy from some stuff I see but is just so far gone into politics or whatever it is. Worst part is that he knows it. I heard him say in a video how much he hates it.

  5. Man, you know, i think this is the classic case of an antihero, maybe in the outside looks like he's ruthless and violent, but in the inside his heart is in the right place.

    Hope you do well buddy, you dont deserve this

  6. I really believe he can change and come out of prison a better person. I've seen it happen with other people irl. I worked with a reformed ex white supremacist that got locked up for assault. He was a friendly stand up guy. Funny as all shit too.

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