Satay Street – Singapore CBD City Walks [4K]

Every evening, Boon Tat Street in Singapore CDB morphs into Satay Street. Come, enjoy alfresco dining under the stars. Filmed …


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  1. It's the night view of Singapore. It's nice to see the food street again even while keeping a distance. It's such a great video. I watched this video full and L54 today. Have a happy day. Greetings from Seoul, Korea.

  2. Great video, my friend. Short but with a story. From closing the street to prepare the place for its transformation and up to its busiest time. Love the street food and the vibe street dining. Thanks for sharing. 👍😍

  3. Chen, this is most probably your most delicious video upload! Even it's a video, I can still smell the strong aroma of delicious satay! Beh tahan liao ,I have to drive to the Malay food court near my place for my share of Satay with peanut sauce and ketupat! Satay street @ Boon Tat is quite likely the new Satay Club of Singapore! 🇸🇬😛😛😛

  4. Satay street lovely atmosphere indoors and outdoors, the street food looks so delicious, love the building how inviting it is!, happy Friday my friend ☺️☺️💛💛💙💙🙏🙏

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