The Bryan & Marco Show – Next Level Cannabis Begins With Understanding Secondary Metabolites

The Bryan & Marco show – Next Level Cannabis Begins With Understanding Secondary Metabolites Talking living soil, natural …


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  1. Your right man,. The older we get I'm realizing we gotta find another skill to pay the bills. This has gota be a hobby now. Just no real money in it anymore. Really sux. The big corps just get to come in and take it all over. Owell I've except it. Times they are a changing.

  2. Bryan, for plants its no-till rols technology to be healthy… for humans its bio-hacking technology to be healthy. fasting, sleeping 6 to 7 hours, sleeping at 68°f, not eating bad foods are all bio-hacking, humans are just beginning to develop bio hacking tech, we as humans are coming out of the caves.

  3. Hopefully this will only be seen as constructive as I love the show and don’t waste my time with hate. I’ve been subscribed for a couple years and following Marco on IG for 10-12 months. I’m wishing we could focus more on the topic of the title. With listening live or in the car or at work, I can’t skip forward to the sections I came for and end up tuning into others that don’t have amazing minds like Bryan and Marco. Again nothing but love and hope for the show to grow. If that’s the purpose of the style of these “in between shows” please correct me.

  4. We all talk about microbes, ph, ph buffering, micro/macro, funagai, bacteria, all this living soil. AND YOU JUST MADE ME THINK THIS BUT IS THERE WATER MICROBES AS WELL?

  5. I really hope marco is a father and a son or father has a great Das like him. We're so blessed to have this, I know I wish I could actually talk to them. This'll do though

  6. I remember the first time Marco was on the show as a guest and I thought then man I can listen to this guy all day and pick his brain. I can't explain how glad I am to see Brian recognize his talent and bring him to the show as a host you guys make a good team and feed off each other's vibes in a good way thanks for sharing your knowledge with the community !!!

  7. thanks for what you do, i thinku guys are right, but i used to think the stuff you say and i wasn't right, now i dont think about it that way and it works better for me.

  8. So you People Really belive, ist Not all in the gene's???! You Really belive you Can get a Lot more buds, by putting a Lot of shit in it? My 20 year tell me, ist all in the werd, gene's !!! You won't get more than the genetics allow! No matter how much fertilizer and shit you pur in it !!! Just very extensive bullshit pur there, FOR NOTHING! THE Bad Things, about being Stoned all they long, People lose logic, they Start to belive shit, you would never belive, in a Sober life 🙂

  9. I agree with marco, sugar/guard leaf can be left on for long cure and picked off before consuming. Like the peel of a banana guard leaf can keep the flavor in your fruit.

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