You are Enough, You are Worthy Meditation and Affirmations | Mindful Movement

When you can love and accept all of yourself with curiosity and the belief that you are enough, you are whole and complete as you …


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  1. As Scary as it may be for you Sara because I can't "find God" in my ever down to earth practicalities I put my GP and her team high up in the Heavens on a pedestal for their Impeccable positive input into my welfare BUT I've now put you up there with them because you have guided me on a Healthy plain for such a long time and you have been a MAJOR contributor to my better health, eternal gratitude Sara. I believe you should know and don't need a response but too many words of love and praise and respect go unspoken to the silent grave (Steph 2017) I'm going to try your online course AGAIN and see if I can find a peaceful plain for my every day as GP says I've got to control my BP and stress for renal issues. Have a blessed weekend Sara with eternal gratitude 🙏🌞

  2. Sara, this is one of the Best meditations I have heard and experienced on a long while! Thank you & L❤ve you so much for this!!! 🧘‍♀️🙏🌸🌷

  3. Thank you for the gift of this meditation. What I noticed is that I have a different pace AND the importance of going at my own pace, especially with my breath. I have a slower pace which I really enjoy, however I noticed a fear of being “left behind”, thinking that I needed to breath shorter in order to keep up. I gave myself permission
    to go at my own pace, “missing” some of the words that went along with I AM. There was a deliciousness at going at my own pace while breathing in and out. TRUSTING that I also have enough. That there is enough. I found myself at the end of this meditation journey just like everyone else. This honouring of going at my own pace is an act of self love AND pleasure! I will continue exploring in this meditation. In the wiLd

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