How Bad Will It Get? (Answered)

Here’s another amazing video!! Peter Schiff, Brent Johnson and I discuss predictions for the dollar in 2022, (I explain Peter and …


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  1. glyphosate is technically an antibiotic that works by interrupting the shikimate pathway and its literally sterilizing the world. Every breath you breath, every drink you drink, and everything you eat has trace amounts of it on it. And its killing your gut biome. Yes, even if you eat organic, you can not avoid it! This is to say, I have long believed that this would be an upper limit on the human bubble. It looks like it might also be the lower bound too. Very sad both ways.

  2. Having gone through this in the 80s in the Mid West I can say for certain that you only have to go through one food shortage for it to really affect you. If my pantry ever starts to get a little low I start having panic attacks.

  3. Check out "ice age farmer" for a deeper dive into the farming aspect of things, he also promotes the idea of everyone using any available land or yard for a garden, chickens, etc., don't waste it on a grass lawn (unless grazing an animal). If even a fraction of folks did this (1 out 4), food would be abundant. Tho gov doesn't allow farm animals in cities or suburbs, but haven't outlawed gardens yet!! Plus, it's just super enjoyable 🙂

  4. FDR promised a chicken in every pot. Biden promises no one will have a pot to pee in. Where did Democrats go wrong? Why did Democrats throw the Christians, whites, and males under the bus in favor of Zionists, blacks, and women? Does not make sense?

  5. Shortages are one thing but people have plenty of money for food and will probably continue to. Think about this…..the main thing I heard from people after US lock downs was the fact that they didn't have their entertainment and were bored. They'll have food money but will bitch and say they don't to make sure their level of being entertained isn't affected.

  6. We begged people not to vote for these criminals and they did it anyways! We want trump back. He might be a loud mouth but at least he kept the piece and took care of America for a change.

  7. I am thinking about moving to Medellin Colombia. Thinking of opening a cafe there. Will need investors though. Medellín lacks cafés in many areas outside El Poblado area. Cartagena also lacks cafés. The best cafés I saw in Colombia we're in small towns in Antioquía including Guatapé

  8. The demand for diesel has gone up in 2021 is very suspicious cause it is used for military vehicles and maybe some people were already buying up available quantities to stock for use in 2022? What do you think!
    I can not see another reason why just Diesel price went up. Im any case, those who bought it, must also have the storing capabilities, cause it was definitely not used JIT as it was acquired….

  9. Stock up now. Rice, beans, oatmeal, sugar etc can be stored in Mylar vacuum sealed bags for 10 or more years.

    Try to get some land now and become self-sufficient

  10. The food was drenched in carcinogenic glyphosate anyways. Your better off growing your own and eating less=less cancer=less healthcare costs. Enjoy the famine!

  11. He still manages a big grin at the end. In this situation there's a great temptation to hoard food, but if we do, it has to be with a view to sharing it. I think people who don't may end up being killed for it. Share it, and you'll win friends. We're all gonna need friends.

  12. Russia and Their Allies could use their food, oil, and natural resources to steer many countries to be allied with them rather than European countries and USA. They could non military diminish USA influence around the world as a result. I think this is their goal. Russia will seek control of grain from eastern Ukraine

  13. 6:00 Once again Gammon and now his partner in lame @dharmatrade are not providing the facts.

    The US get's over 80% of its potash from Canada. Nowhere on this chart does it show Canada as being a major source of potash.

    The US is by far the largest producer of natural gas.

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