i wish i was the sky so when i cried it was like rain (2013)

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  1. "We can make people smile just by saying nice things. Why would we do anything else." "Smile while you have teeth". The vibes are so strong and bright and beautiful. Thank u for sharing

  2. What the fuuuuuck lmao hell yea Dakota origin story😂actual cool video tho, truly motivational and you really get the 2013 vibes lol

  3. I vividly remember this version of you. He helped shift my view of life in a more optimistic direction. I am beyond fortunate that I was introduced to your content during that period of time. 💚

    Even though I'm now married (going on 4 years) and a mother of 2 wonderful babies this video takes me back to being a strange teenager who loved spontaneous adventures with friends and listening to BMTH & Paramore being as they were the soundtrack to my existence at the time. Ah, those were some good days, my sweet friend.

    You've grown to be very rich in experiences that not many people ever have in life. Thank you for sharing your adventures and thoughts with us. Your content is appreciated. Much love to you infinitely! 👽✌🏻

  4. “And I remember in a basement sharing sweat
    with all these stranger boys and girls
    ‘We’ll change the world’ we sang
    ‘Change the world’ but
    Nothing seems to change and
    they say none of them will listen
    but I still see much more power in that basement
    than in heartless politicians”
    -Nine, La Dispute

    This video reminded me of that lyric. Thank you for sharing again, Dakota. Keep being you 💚

  5. I love you! I probably say that for every post you share! And I probably always will. But your authenticity is such beautiful medicine for the soul & it’s felt ♥️♥️♥️

  6. Thank you for the nostalgia my friend. Though this is from 2013 but it brings back nostalgia of the time before 2012 for me. It was a sad but kind of beautiful time. I had my first depression ever but I found it beautiful. I didn't know it was depression so I called it ''the beautiful sadness that doesn't go away''.

  7. I want you to know this is the best video I've seen you in. I had that same hair , just a little more red. 2022, wow. Life is crazy. Good vibes to you man. Light to you 🌻🌈

  8. And then I put all the emojis after like a little kid but aren't we always? Just we vies things In a different perspective like a day from now you won't see things the same even an hour so your always where you started just you view things differently and may present yourself differently idk

  9. And he really took the time to heart all the comments that's some next level shit 👍👍👍💯🤙🏻🍄✌🏻🌿✨💖✨💠💥💥💥💥

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