🚗Ordering Weed Delivery In Denver | Is It Worth It?

I am about to place my first order for delivery in Denver, and we are going to see if it is actually worth it. We will look at the rules, …


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  1. It would erk me a lil bit if the cookies wasn't in the blue bag. I know it the same genetics same cultivator. I'm looking for that appearance 👀 😏 that we ave 💯 % guaranteed cookies 🍪.

  2. I'm in Cali and have about 10 delivery places around me. The highest delivery fee is $5, but for most of them, it's free. There is usually a minimum amount that you can purchase, which is usually 30-60 bucks

  3. the delivery is dope. Theres a minimum of $35 for my dudes to skip delivery fee. takes about 1- 2 hrs to get it though…tax free may i add.

  4. The site I order from when my plants are still not ready to smoke at all they give me with my order a free gram of another strain and 400mg edible gummies and it usually takes within an hour for them to arrive . I never buy bud from the government dispensaries only their concentrates . Also they don’t charge extra for delivery fees at all . Also they don’t accept paying by card for delivery just cash .

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