The Morning After: Tiktok tests a watch-history feature


Your TikTok habits may vary, but I’ve sometimes pulled myself out of a fugue of lengthy viewing, hopping and browsing on the social app, barely recalling what I just spent 15 minutes doing. For me, and possibly you, a new watch-history feature could offer some insight to exactly what we’re wasting our time on.

According to Hammond Oh, TikTok is testing a watch-history tool to show you a list of videos that previously appeared in your For You feed, making it easier to rediscover clips (and creators) you may have not liked or followed.

There are other ways to seek out your TikTok watch history, but they’re not exactly easy to use. One method involves navigating to the Discover page, tapping search, entering an asterisk and toggling on the “watch videos” option in the search filters tab. As is the case with random feature tests on TikTok, Instagram and others, this might not make its way to all users, but keep an eye on your For You feed — just in case.

— Mat Smith

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