Brunch, Skin Care, Gym Workout, At Home Wax, Dinner | NYC VLOG

Thanks for watching! My Amazon Store: Waxing Kit – Ethiopian …


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  1. That seamoss & applesauce has my nails the healthiest they have ever been. I have a small puzzle collection now and the adult coloring books are the best. Ooo, I saw my Snoop Doggy Dog wine, LOL. (very potent) Questions: Take your pick-Do you see yourself becoming a mother? Have you ever had your heart broken? Can you offer some practical motivation to get moving with exercise? Thank you. Great vlog!

  2. Lovee it!!💚

    I tried the sugar scrub/exfoliating before shaving recommendation you made in the last video (I believe), and I really notice a difference! Will continue

    *What is your height and weight?
    *Do you want marriage and or children one day?
    *This may sound weird lol but do you have to always wear a shower cap since your shower head is like directly above instead of at an angle? I never used a shower with a head like that.
    *Do you think NYC is overhyped or I'd accurately portrayed/explained?

  3. Jazmil so happy to get another video in one week! Made my day💓. Is the actor from insecure at the club?? Or am I seeing things 👀👀

    1. What’s your favorite comfort food?
    2. Do you have a significant other at the time?
    3. How’s dating in NYC?
    4. Who or what got you stated into making YouTube videos?
    5. What artist/song are you currently obsessed with?

  4. Yay, so happy you uploaded. It's the consistency for me 🙂 Have an amazing week!

    1.) What are you most excited about going into your 30s?
    2.) We know you love your plants, but ever consider getting a pet?
    3.) Living in NY do you wish you could drive instead of taking the train?
    4.) You are my favorite Youtber, who are your favorites?

    Can't wait for the Q&A

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