Fauci Says He is Finally Considering Retirement as Calls for Accountability Over His Handling of the Covid Pandemic Ramp Up

As calls for his head intensify over his handling of the pandemic, Dr. Tony Fauci said this week that he is seriously considering stepping down from the position that he’s held for nearly four decades.

In a podcast interview on ABC’s ‘Start Here’ that was released on Friday, the longtime National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director and current Chief Medical Advisor for the Biden Administration continued his usual fearmongering and ‘previewed‘ a new ‘potential covid surge’ in the US.

Inbetween the propaganda, Fauci, who’s 81 and was appointed to Director of the NIAID in 1984, was asked by the host if he had any thoughts about retiring or potentially shifting to a lesser role within government.

“I certainly am because I’ve got to do it sometime,” Fauci said. “I can’t stay at this job forever unless my staff is going to find me slumped over my desk one day. I’d rather not do that.”

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Fauci’s answer was quite different than the one he gave just a couple of months back. In November, he vowed that he would not leave his post until Covid is “in the rearview mirror,” while also laughably claiming that he, himself, is the embodiment of sCiEnCe.

‘Absolute Hubris’: Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Blast ‘Smug’ Fauci Over “I Represent Science” Comments

To make it look as if he was not going back on his word, Fauci also addressed his past comments in the interview on Friday.

Apparently, we are out of the so-called ‘pandemic phase,’ according to the NIAID Director.

From Fauci on ABC’s ‘Start Here:

I have said that I would stay in what I’m doing until we get out of the pandemic phase, and I think we might be there already. If we can stay in this, then we’re at a point where I feel that we’ve done well by this but I don’t have any plans right now to go anywhere, but you never know.”

With the calls for him to be held accountable for his criminal handling of the pandemic, and his role in developing the Covid virus, growing louder daily, it’s no surprise Fauci is changing his tune now. This megalomaniac wants to step away on his own terms before the consequences can reach him.

Megalomaniac Tony Fauci Fears GOP Will Target Him If They Take Control of Congress Next Year

One of Fauci’s most vocal critics over the past few months, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), has been leading the charge within the federal government to hold him accountable. This week, Sen. Paul, who has hammered Fauci during multiple congressional hearings and caused him to perjure himself repeatedly, said Fauci has become a “dictator-in-chief” and introduced a measure that would have removed Fauci as the director of NIAID. The measure would have also scrapped the agency altogether in favor of three new institutes that would collaborate to make public health decisions.

Unfortunately, the legislation did not have enough support in the Democrat-controlled Congress to pass, but that does not mean Fauci is in the clear – he’s far from it.

In addition to Sen. Paul’s efforts, several notable lawyers and doctors who have been outspoken critics of the US public health response to Covid, most notably Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Naomi Wolf, and Attn. Thomas Renz, are coming out swinging against Fauci, looking to finally pin him down for his crimes.

They aren’t just calling for him to resign, either. Fauci’s most qualified critics are calling for severe punishment, like jail time and hearings along the lines of the Nuremberg trials, because what he has done amounts to crimes against humanity, according to them.

Perjuring yourself, alone, should come with jail time. So Fauci is facing a serious docket if, and when, he is finally forced to face the music.

Ted Cruz Crowns Fauci “The Most Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History;” Says Gain of Function Lies Could Land Him in Prison For Up to 5 Years (Video)

A slap on the wrist won’t be enough for this.

In addition to Fauci’s proven ties to funding the Chinese Communist’s development of the SARS CoV-2 Covid virus at the Wuhan Lab through dangerous gain-of-function research, the NIAID director has routinely misled and lied to the public about critical information in an effort to maintain arbitrary health restrictions, and has led the way in pushing the experimental mRNA vaccine on Americans despite their massive failure, negative efficacy, and severe, life-threatening side effects – like myocarditis.

In short, the mRNA Covid vaccine is by far the most dangerous vaccine ever recorded in VAERS, especially considering the still-unknown long-term effects, but the US Public Health Regime, led by Dr. Fauci, has been pushing everyone, including very young children, to take not one – not two – but three vaccines – with a fourth jab coming right around the corner.

Oh, and they are testing the vaccine on toddlers and infants as we speak so they can become eligible for the vaccine.

“Final Frontier:” Moderna Begins Testing Experimental Covid Jab on Infants as Young as 6 Months Old


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