Crime Spike: Amazon Temporarily Relocating Seattle Employees

Violent crime has gotten so bad in parts of Seattle that Amazon is temporarily relocating their employees.


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  1. Isn't treason a prosecutable offense…isn't The government bound to protect our borders and the constitution? Aren't government officials sworn to uphold the constitution? Why
    Aren't government officials accountable? Prosecute Biden's regime.

  2. It's not a surprise that nothing is being done by the Dems. about crime or the border. The Dem. liberals are working for a new world order not the American people. They must destroy the U.S. as we know it to bring in complete government control and Marxist/communist control. They absolutely do not want a democratic citizen run free country. The elites should rule over us and most countries governments are behind this under Klaus Schwab of the WEF. This is what "build back better" is all about. I assure you it will most certainly not be better. They want a much smaller world population and no private property for anyone but themselves. They even admit this openly now.

  3. Fire all politicians and fire chiefs that do nothing to stop the violence and advocate defunding police. The citizens pay taxes for protection and we decide what we want. Why is the minority ruling the majority? Get rid of all liberals that want to reign instead of serving.

  4. Seattle is paying the price for Kissing the derrière of the BLM and letting them take over their City. I have no sympathy for their current plight. It's called you Reap what you Sew 🙂

  5. It's horribly sad what is happening to our country. I lived in the greater Seattle area for 50 years, and left because I couldn't stand to watch the city going to hell.

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