Food Sensitivities and The Small Intestine – New Insights into The Microbiome-Immune Connection

Immune-mediated food reactions, which involve excessive immune responses to harmless food antigens, are major contributors …


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  1. Please someone help me. I’ve been dealing with crippling pain in my stomach since August of last year. I do have Very Painful gastritis to the point I can Barely eat anything and pain in my intestines too I have so much inflammation in my body it came with some weird side effects like ringing in my ears, pains in my eyes, blurry vision, floaters, cold feet and hands, and pain in the joints and my muscles and neck and back. Also crippling anxiety. I’m losing so much weight. I’ve lost my period and I have a low white blood cell count. Please does anybody have any experience with this or know someone who can help me. Also i have h pylori is there and way to eradicate it Naturally? And how can I heal my my gastritis? I need some guidance I’m tired of doing this alone. Please someone help, god bless you.

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