Welcome to Starsand! This is a brutal survival game with a twist that takes place in the incredibly hot desert climate but all is not …


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  1. Fooster: Oh a frog… No wait don't get distracted
    Me: Oh a frog……….. BREAKFAST!!!!!!!
    I'd be chasin that frog through whole sand dunes just to eat it

  2. Hyperthermia is the word you're looking for when your body temp gets too high. Hypothermia when your body temp drops to low 😊 and they're both umbrella terms referring to several conditions that could occur.

  3. you have to go way up north to see the Aurora Borealis. The farther north you go, the more colourful they become! If you go to the Yukon, Canada or Alaska, USA, they are beautiful!!! All colours "Dancing " across the sky.

  4. Aurora borealis appear in varying degrees of intensity and color, and it's somewhat random based on conditions, location, and such (I live in a northern latitude). The most beautiful one I ever saw wasn't even predicted based on solar activity…it was just a clear night in an area of zero light pollution. And it was more overhead, as opposed to along the horizon (I think that matters, visually). So I suppose that's the real issue…you can't guarantee if you make a trip to see it that it'll be a good viewing.

  5. The issue about the life jacket if I'm not mistaken is severe manic psychotic breakdowns caused by something called severe social deprivation, basically human beings are not meant to be isolated beings, they even did a study with infants at one point and the results were baby's that weren't shown love care and affection at any time of their development for an extended period of time either died or became psychologically unfit for society (some crazy in a bad way, others killers/narcissist ect.)

  6. Cold because you can add layers and burn things hot you can only take off so many layers until you are naked or go Arabian and lots of thin layers of white cloth

  7. Depends on how cold and how hot… Caribbean hot sure, Sahara hot? No. In the cold I can hunt animals for fur and food and create fires using stick to keep me warm. In the hot it depends on what biome… tropical? Or desert?

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