Oil to Gas Conversion Featuring Burnham SteamMax 100 and Viega Mega Press

Got Gas? After taking out this homeowner’s Weil McLain oil fired steam boiler and converting them to natural gas with the …


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  1. Hay Mikey I never asked, ate you a union contractor, do you hold a master plumber book ?just wondering, I'm a union carpenter in pa. . either way doesnt matter still love your vids.

  2. In previous videos you said you use steam fittings because that’s what you were taught and that’s what you will do has changed. I started using the press tool for copper. I was always a person to use solder fittings. It has blown my mind changing to press. Question do you see any issue with expansion and anything moving compromising the seal on the fittings. It’s one thing I was always taught with steam boilers having a swing joint for the purpose of expansion.

  3. Wondering if the old oil unit was sooting up due to the lack of air in the closet?
    That, or the brush and vacuum being done was just the exchanger, and they weren’t opening the chamber to vacuum it out.

  4. Lack of air, probably why that poor oil boiler was crapped up so soon! Just like an oil burning engine, not enough air and too much fuel leads to a filthy burn and too much soot.

  5. V&S = vacuum and service, most guys don't open the chamber, they just brush down the flue passages, if they even do that. I think it's pointless to put a Riello burner on a steam boiler. Put a Beckett or a Carlin and run TT right to the burner primary. Eliminate the Honeywell switching relay. This is coming from a fan of the Riello burner; however, I prefer them on Italian or German boilers. Riello does have a primary than can receive a TT call, i've only seen it once. Also, in the 12 years i've worked in the boroughs and Westchester, NY i've only seen two line voltage thermostats. That all being said, nice job. Haven't seen megapress on a steam header yet. The boilers I do usually call for a 3 inch header. That would add up quick!

  6. With all those press fittings job must’ve cost the customer a small fortune especially 2”, but it does save a lot of time cutting and threading the pipe. Btw love that band saw…team red!!

  7. Very good job. I appreciate you explaining/ using the word MINIMUM 24” from the water line! Everyone thinks it’s 24” and THATS IT. No one seems to understand the higher the header, the better. Especially with a drop header! Also, what is the chemical you’re using for treatment with the green water?

  8. I still not so sure on the megapress for steam. A lot of expansion and contraction, but I guess time will tell. Dresser couplings on steam were always problematic and leaked a bit unit they came up to temp.

  9. great job!!!!! love mega press for a while now. FYI; the green stickers get pulled off after you press. that's an indicator that you pressed joint. that's the reason for end of sticker tab

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