I Make Joe Rogan's UFO – Resin Casting How To | Tips & Tricks

Very honored to be apart of this project for Joe Rogan, Kill Cliff and I have been worked together for over a year on perfecting this …


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  1. Hey Matt, what is that expandable foam stuff you used to custom form for shipping? That is super smart!
    Awesome build, great craftsmanship! Keep killing it!

  2. Damn!! I love this. You did an incredible job. What’s up with your fridge?!? You must have had a heart sinking moment.
    Would be super cool to see if this finds its way onto Joe’s podcast

  3. Hi matt ive just found your channel im a new resin worker can you explain putting pours into the fridge i understand the cooling of the resin but is there a thickness of pour you would reccomend this tip on i wanna start doing large pyramids what advice can you give please timeing etc Thank you.

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