Antihistamines for Everything?

When you think of antihistamines, you’re probably only thinking about getting rid of a runny nose, but we’re learning that …


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  1. Bit surprising that they didn't mention first-generation antihistamines being insanely "dirty drugs". Most of them are also anticholinergic (lots of side effects), antidopaminergic (which is why a lot of antipsychotics were derived from first-gen antihistamines) and some are antiserotonergic (which is why some people experience relief from nausea while taking them).

    The science they present in this video is solid, but it's just one aspect of a much larger story. Of course they can't cover everything in a 12 minute video, but it's a bit disappointing that they didn't even hint at the other aspects that are involved.

  2. I always have a nauseous tummy and often feel dull ache in back lower head, or sometimes just off balance a bit if I move my head too much. It just takes the wind out of my sail, but if I take an antihistamine, I begin to feel better within 15 minutes. I don’t even have allergy symptoms, no itchy watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing…so what is it, that an antihistamine makes me feel better? I always try not to take them because they dry out your body so much. I somehow feel it may have something to do with my inner ear but I am stumped. It’s always a battle to figure it out. Where is this problem originating & is it okay to take antihistamines daily?

  3. I don't like to take them because I worry that my immunologic system will let pass anything while I'm on antihistamines… Even bad/harmful things.

  4. If you take large quantities of Diphenhydramine (Benadryl), it basically turns into a powerful hallucinogen similar to Datura in a class called deliriants. Unlike classical psychedelics, it creates true hallucinations and induces a state similar to psychosis. Suffice to say, if you do over 500 mg, it can be pretty scary and most trip reports find it mostly unenjoyable. I’ve done it twice and I feel like I got brain damage. Note to kids: use antihistamines for prescribed medicinal purposes and not as a bad legal substitute for LSD.

  5. I use a lot of different antihistamines (h2, h1 blockers and mast cell stabilizers) every single day. I have mast cell activation syndrome and several true allergies so I have to take them, or else I have anaphylaxis to random things constantly (still have anaphylaxis on them sometimes but they have saved my life multiple times along with glorious epinephrine). I discovered during the beginning of the pandemic that they were using the meds I was using daily to control cytokinesis in covid patient’s bodies, that was really interesting to me.

  6. I've used unisom, and over the counter anti-histamine, to treat nausea and insomnia during pregnancy. It was the only thing that worked well without really undesirable side effects. I'm a big fan!

  7. After the last 30 years taking Medications doctors Have prescribe for sleep and pain and having Very chronic Insomnia,not knowing it was due to pain,Very Bad Car wreck in 1992,and finely after demanding a sleep study in 2008,it shown my brain wakes up 9 times an hour all night long with no REM sleep,and nothing kept me asleep for more the a hour,maybe two if i was lucky,and those hours were hours apart most nights,and over time it just has gotten so much worse,in 2019 i had two spinal surgeries on my neck,and have very bad nerve damage on my left side of my body,i live in agony!!
    well,my Nurse over the last few years going through all my meds,gave me antihistamine to counter react another med,i quite taking the other one but continued to take the antihistamine at night with 150mg Tramadol and have been sleeping all night for the last few nights,i cant believe it…its unreal for me to sleep through the night,this is a life saving medication for me,because not sleeping and bieng in agony every second of everyday for years and years makes me want to lose my mind..

  8. It was about 5 months ago when I figured out that acid could be the result of histamine. I can't believe this is not common knowledge. Thank you for saying it. I also have problems staying asleep because of histamine. I take a blocker before bed every night.

  9. My sister was prescribed a couple of medications for her depression and anxiety. We googled the names afterwards and were dumbstruck that one was an antihistamine and thought surely this was a mistake on the doctor's part…it was not and it actually works.

  10. My 90 something grandmother was wasting away. My mother asked her doctor to do something. He prescribed an antihistamine that had a side effect of weight gain. Grandmother gained 20 lbs. and lived 6 more years.

  11. Common anti-cholinergic drugs like Benadryl are linked to increased dementia risk.

    I was told this while visiting with a neurologist, who told me not to give it to any family members.

  12. It’s interesting how many meds have multiple effects. For my chronic migraines the Neurologist tried different meds including: amitriptyline (typically for depression), propranolol (typically for blood pressure) and another that I can’t remember the name of that normally is for seizures. Medications are not just for one thing!!

  13. I got an autoimmune disease and have to take antihistamines daily….guess what, my acne is gone. I thought it's a coincidence but now I am starting to think maybe not

  14. Sad to think what torture animals were put through in a cold lab setting,
    instead of a home where they would have hopefully been loved, and cared for,

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