The Hindu Daily News Analysis || 6th February 2022 || UPSC Current Affairs ||Prelims'22 & Mains'22

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    ►►Introduction – 00:04

    ►►List of Topics – 00:10

    1.In China, Olympics fuels winter sports boom (Origin of Olympics, Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics when they are conducted, 2022 Beijing Games, Environmental issues in 2022 Beijing Games) – 00:18

    2. Why are India’s imports from China rising? (History of India China Relations, present issues between India and China, evolution of trade between India and China, effects of border tension between India and China on their trade relations and Steps India can take to reduce chinese trade dependency) – 07:21

    3. Antarctic microbes may help in plastic clean-up (Bioremediation, types of bioremediation and OilZapper) – 14:39

    4. Earliest solar storm (Solar Storm, Solar Flare, Coronal Mass Ejection and Various layers of the Sun) –18:45

    5. Mystery illness (Havana Syndrome, Various reason for its occurrence, HAVANA Act) –22:13

    6. Prelims Practice Questions – 27:06

    7. Mains Practice Question – 32:54

  2. The scrutiny on each and every topic is excellent.. By all the faculties of shankar ias.

    But sometimes while listening the analysis it appears that voice distribution is not equal on both sides.

    And talking about the current video the voice distribution is fine. If you can look into this it would great..

    Lastly tons tons of thanks && gratitude to all fraternity of shankar ias.

  3. Answer :-
    India – China have a centuries old trade relations. The great silk route was the medium of ancient trade. In modern times, India – China trade is huge and in 2020, China was the largest trading partner of India.
    In April 2020, the border tension again emerged along the LAC. Around 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives in fighting at Galwan valley . This resulted in a form of hybrid war and India retaliated with the following economic measures :
    1. India banned about 200 Chinese origin apps such as Tiktok, UC browser, etc .
    2. India made a new investment policy to counter Chinese investment in Indian companies.
    3. India banned Chinese telecom company Huawei from participating in 5G rollout in India.
    However, the India – China trade seems little affected or we can say that unaffected. India still has a trade deficit with China, and China enjoys a huge trade surplus. This scenario may be because of huge imports of finished goods from China.
    India should lower her dependence on China by attracting business person. She could ask them to manufacture and assemble their products in India. In recent times, India has taken various steps such as formulation of PLI Scheme. The prudent steps taken by India would result in a balance India – China trade relations in near future.

  4. Respected sir/ mam , if possible please explain in Tamil also ..
    Note: iam a English medium student still I am not getting clear clarity ,,, because in my schooling and college they teach me in both English & tamil . I know Shankar ias academy & their videos are not only for tamil people but still if you people please take more care us too .

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