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  1. World-class insomniac here! I just checked out the Jupiter website, and–while the cost of the product was a shocker–I went ahead and ordered because of these factors: 1) free shipping; 2) 100% refund if not happy; 3) free returns; 4) $20 discount for subscription PLUS they honor your 10% discount code on top of that. I figured I have nothing to lose except my dependence on Ambien! (P.S. I don't think your video mentions any of the things I listed above. I was thinking that if a viewer goes to the website and sees the price, they may freak out and immediately click off without investigating further and learning about all of Jupiter's great policies.)

  2. Ok, when you first described the taste of CBD oil, I almost spit out my drink laughing because it is so true. Not that I taste the behind of horses, but imagine it isn't a pleasant one. I placed an order for myself and my fur baby and if it goes as I hope it will, I'll be purchasing this for a couple people I know will benefit from it. I am so happy I saw this video because I had given up on CBD oil. Fingers crossed 🤞 this will be the one that works! Thank you!

  3. Thanks Kimberly!! I’m going to order could you recommend the one you used to help your pain? Maybe all would help but now with the new formulations I’m a bit confused. I’m very sensitive so a little goes a lot with me. Thanks again!!!

  4. Hi Kimberly, love this video and thought I'd order it for both myself and my husband (he has arthritis pain in his right hand & neuropathy in his feet from diabetes. I have nerve pain pretty much everywhere because of several back surgeries gone awry) I clicked on your link to save 10%. Of coarse, anyone in there right mind know a 10% discount would be great. I was absolutely flabbergasted that the 30 day cost is $149.00. That's $4.97 per day per person. I don't know if you've lost touch with who your followers are or, if I've misunderstood that you are for average people that can't afford $5 per day.

  5. Hi Kimberly. I tried using your coupon code but it wont take it. I have texted the company so hopefully they will help because it is so expensive. I have been suffering with terrible anxiety and depression this month.

  6. (I have to comment because this is another great product that you have recommended)
    I started taking Jupiter CBS oil when you first recommended it on your channel and I have never looked back. I too had tried a few, not as many as you because of the cost of some, but tried Jupiter because I trusted you. So off I went and like I said I have not looked back. It's affordable, it does taste great, and it WORKS! AND the CUSTOMER SERVICE is second to none!!! Tyler is who I communicate with and he is fantastic. They really have the best formula for taking care of their customers. They are CRAZY busy guys, but take the time to take care of their customers and be personable. The started taking the original Jupiter back when you introduced it, and now taking the Reserve. I have LOTS of stress and trouble sleeping and this takes care of both for me. I can't say enough about this product and the owners/founders! Thank you Kimberly for another great product referral! Also, side note, waiting on the book you recommended ready to start my detox 🙂 I have lots of questions about that, but will read the book first before I bug you xoxo

  7. Jupiter is very expensive. How long does a bottle last you & how can you afford it every month? I suppose it's worth it if it works for you, but it seems to be way over-priced.

  8. I tried Jupiter probably a year ago or more based on your recommendations. Even called and talked to Tyler for a long time. He could not have been more helpful and I had high hopes. I had never tried any other CBD oil so I had nothing to compare it to but I was hoping it would be helpful for mostly stress and sleeping difficulties. Unfortunately after taking it for a couple of weeks (both myself and my husband) we could tell no difference. I do hope it helps others.

  9. Ran to my phone to order and they only ship to the states 🙄, need all 4 for me, and my dog Molly dislikes windy weather, extremely sensitive to my cat who beats her up and she has osteoarthritis. I contacted them hoping they can help with the shipping issue. Would send it to a p.o box in Buffalo but so hard with restrictions for crossing. I really need this stuff.

  10. Thank you for sharing this video. I have recently developed a lot of anxious feelings and have begun to suffer from occasional panic attacks, which I believe are related to menopause. I really prefer to go the natural route first, if at all possible. I just placed my first order for the Oasis, can't wait to give it a try.

  11. I enjoy your videos a lot. This is a great topic to discuss. I've used CBD off and on for the past year.It really helps with my arthritic hip pain. Now that I've been diagnosed with lung cancer I've been using it to help with anxiety and sleep. I actually have a medical card and my have to move into hybrid products.

  12. Hmm…maybe I’ll try it. I’ve tried a couple brands and didn’t notice any difference at all. I have 2 rods in my back (they’ve been there 35 years) and have chronic back and shoulder pain. I take a half dose of a prescriptive anti inflammatory each morning along with Tramadol through the day. It doesn’t take away the pain, but softens it a bit. Also have arthritis in my left thumb joint. Anyway, maybe I’ll try this brand. I wonder if it interacts with medications one might be taking for other issues….

  13. I am 64 and never have had depression or anxiety I lost my son 11 years ago this March 24th I’ve lived in a nightmare of a marriage and almost had a nervous break down after losing my sister in law (best friend) and then a week after her funeral her daughter passed away I’m on some pretty heavy meds for pain and depression and anxiety will cbd help me get off these meds I would love to be healthy again I also just found out I have a torn meniscus in my knee I’m going to research thank you for the info you have given here Susie

  14. I need all three….Thank you Kimberly, I really appreciate you taking the time to be so informative with this video. The company sounds like the bomb! Heading over to order for me and a friend who I think really could benefit from this.🤗

  15. Hi Kimberly, I placed an order tonight, I have been suffering with a frozen shoulder and have been looking for something to ease the stress of a shoulder that is not working well. I know this won't cure it but I'm hoping that it will help with the anxiety that the condition causes me. I got the auto delivery and used the discount code. Thank you!

  16. Hello Kimberly, I've been using CBD oil for about nine years now. I haven't tried Jupiter, but it sounds like a winner. I have degenerative disc disease and have had my lumbar spine & cervical spine fused. I also have IBS, Fibromyalgia, CFS & Polymyalga Rheumatica which affects the large joints, but I do get stiffness in my fingers and hands a side affect of my cervical fusion. I do take prescription medication, but the CBD oil seems to make my medication more effective & reduces the need for taking my medication as often. Yoga & Pilates were my go to forms of exercise, now I do water aerobics which my joints can tolerate and keep me mobile. I appreciate your addressing this subject one I think we don't talk about enough🤔

  17. Such great content. I have such pain in my hands, feet, and ankles due to arthritis and I’ve been searching for anything that would help. I’m going to give it a try.

  18. I will be 45 this April & I have suffered with anxiety and depression for 20 years. Currently taking prescribed medication for it. I also have lupus which causes a lot of inflammation and joint/muscle pain, I also suffer with headaches ever since an extremely early age. I think I should try this product and I wanted to say tyvm for sharing this with your audience.❤❤❤

  19. Kimberly, this is such a timely video! I suffer from significant back pain partially from arthritis in my spine and injuries sustained as a gymnast over 40+ years ago, lol! If I move more, the issues do lessen. Anyway, I was really in a lot of pain recently and I did something similar and tried so many different oils, did the research, and truly nothing came close to truly helping. So I am thrilled that you found these helpful and I am definitely going to give this a go! My boyfriend suffers from a lot of knee pain and I am going to see if he will try this as well. I cannot thank you enough for this high recommendation, this is super helpful! Thanks! 👍😉💖

  20. You look amazing 🤩 in mint green !! Thank you for this valuable information. Can you please make a video on osteoporosis. I will be ordering these products… I absolutely love the packaging. Just the colors alone are uplifting

  21. Thank you so much for this video! I have been wanting to try cbd oil but with all the brands out there had no idea which one. I value your opinion, so I placed an order for myself, my dog and a family member. I love the colored bottles. The colors make me happy. Very smart concept. I can't for my order to arrive. Thanks again!

  22. Younger kids have the same issues as us older people because they can’t handle life. They’re being raised to be soft and pampered. And I know I’m not the only person that thinks this way. It’s kind of a shame.

  23. We are convinced! Me and my hubby are going to try it! It sounds a lot like my one and only wine company Scout & Cellar. Kimberly, if you like wine you will love them!!! Clean-crafted! Heading to Jupiter now!

  24. I have auto immune disease ? RA vs lupus . I am 58 year old – formally active and healthy . Im wondering if the inflammation dose might help me

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