Finished In Court For Today.


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  1. Taking money out of gangs . Saving the state money and all for a joint . We dont get cannabis receptors . Meaning we used it a long time . We need more martins he cant do it alone .

  2. You asked for a jury 👏👏👏👏 ive been looking for this . Your not waisting state money on lawer . We all need to do this then they cant prison us all . Its a joke . Slavery was law until it wasnt . I swear ill do same and more .people need to realise your kids could get time for a joint

  3. If the judge says its not medical then why is clinics prescribing it to ppl in the uk is what you would say lol.
    But im afraid if you annoy the judge it might affect your outcome. Just be calm and cool but dont apologize. Hopefully it will just be a fine. The ireland cannabis law should change and reflect the progressive year 2022 not 1990's

  4. Poxy law's made by Poxy muppets with their Anslinger mind sets.
    Reefer Madness is still alive &well in this country
    Oh my bad
    God forbid that this plant helps millions with pain &seizures + it makes you happier
    There's no sense in this plant being illegal¿
    When will they wake up & realise that it's a crop that could boost our economy by creating more job's 🤔

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