Russia Mocks the Biden Administration and Its Prediction that Russia Would Invade Ukraine Today


Russia today mocked the Biden Administration and its prediction that Russia was going to invade Ukraine today.

The Biden Administration made predictions that Russia would be invading Ukraine and the New York Times claimed it would be today.

The New York Times quoted an unnamed military source that stated that they’ve picked up intelligence that the Russians could begin offensive operations as early as Wednesday, due to the intelligence that they were briefed on. The attack, the US fears would probably be preceded by a false flag operation, several of which have already been unearthed and publicly posted to prevent the Russians from conducting them.

But it didn’t happen.  There was no invasion of Russia today.  We don’t know if it really was ever going to happen or not.

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Russia today made fun of the Biden Administration with a series of tweets today mocking Biden.

The Russian government took to social media on Wednesday to mock western predictions that it could invade Ukraine by that day.

On Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukrainian intelligence indicated Wednesday could be the day Russian forces invade his country, a sign that was bolstered by the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine temporarily relocating its operations from the capital of Kyiv to Lviv, a city further west from the Ukrainian-Russian border.

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted remarks by spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, who said, “Today we mark another day of the ‘start of war with Ukraine,’ which did not happen again, to the Western media outlets’ regret, no matter how hard they whip up the hysteria.”

They then issued a series of tweets mocking Biden.

In this tweet they used John Travolta to mock Biden.

And another tweet.


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