Freeze Drying Cannabis

From cut to dry in 14 hours, how to freeze dry Cannabis.


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  1. I'm just wondering about a question; if i took store purchased buds ready to smoke already in packages, and put it through the freeze dryer would it increase the shelf life of the THC.
    Because it tends to expire or loose potency. Just wondering what your thoughts are for long term storage of marijuana.

  2. Ok, so I tried two small batches to see what would happen…and I'm not getting the results I expect. Even after I turned down the tray heat temp to 75 degrees.
    The cannabis seams to be losing its terps with the water..doesn't this defeat the Purpose.

  3. How was it in edibles? How did you store it? My first ever grow is fixing to be harvested and have I a freeze dryer. I not a smoker either, but hubby is. Any input on the out come would be greatly appreciated. A long time grow stuck his nose up about fding it, told me to just do half.

  4. I had that same version of software on mine but there was a pharmaceutical version of software on the rosin discord server version 5.01.15P but for some reason I couldn't get it to install on my dryer. I was able to install version 4.0.6 and now my shelf temps go all the way down to 5°. For drying bubble hash you want a 30° tray temp 4 hour freeze and 6 hour dry. So it seems to me like 75° is gonna be too hot🤷‍♂️

  5. I've seen vids of commercial grows right on the farm with liquid nitrogen and then freeze dryer. Not sure if they were using some deception but they gave the impression you needed a scientific freeze dryer with special programming to do it correctly, maybe thats why you didn't care to smoke it. I know ice water hash and freeze dryers are an amazing combo.

  6. I have a question so I just bought one but didn’t know how to use.
    So I dried my cannabis for 2 weeks already.
    What happens if I put it in the freeze dryer already dry? I just need to cure it

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