New York on the RISE, Curaleaf, Aurora Cannabis, Trulieve and Crypto

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  2. <<Thank you for your video mate, Never go against the trends on cryptos, even less put levers, it is about the immediate sanction as soon as you turn your back, now anyone who has been in the crypto space for the last 6 or more years certainly knows about the cycle structure, every 4 yearsBTC goes through a halving even where the amount of Bitcoin that is mined is cut half. Well, the block reward is cut in half. this cause huge price spikes every 4 yrs because it create a supply and demand crisis that can't be priced in until it's a reality. >but all thanks to Marty Jarvi who taught me how to make trade and increased my Crypto from 6 to 21BTC now. No one really knows what is going to happen in the market and I know you are only saying what you think will happen based on the past. It is yours and my opinion so people should make their own Investment choices based on their own research…….

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