Tragic Real-Life Stories Marathon #1 – Classic Rock

They say that rock and roll will never die, and that’s true. But the same can’t be said for the people who make rock and roll what it …


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  1. Sad 😢, How so many rock singers have lost a child in horrible ways!!! Also losing all these great band members in some kinds of deaths!!!!! Robert Plant was a man, who we all know sometimes they will cheat, play around, while they have families at home!!! But other types of singers do the same thing!!! God Bless U All !!!!! Amen 🙏! 🎤🎸❤️🙏✅💔🎧

  2. It seemed Freddie’s Mom really Loved 🥰 him, so I can’t figure out y he didn’t let her throw out his ashes? I’m sure she got some, and even some of his money 💴! She ( his mom), is trying to keep his story going!!!!! My Condolences 💐 To All Of The Deceased Rockers!!!!! Keep On Singing And Rockin In Heaven!!!! 💔😢❤️🎸🎤🎹🎤🎸🎧🎼✅💯🎼🎹🎸

  3. RIP Scott, And Malcom!!!!! Two Great 😌 Guys, Gone Before They Should Of!!!! AC/DC Is Always Gonna Be One Of The Greatest Bands Out There!!! They Damn Sure New How To Kick Butt!!!! ❤️🎸✅

  4. I think , she was great in the run aways, & sexy, doesn't matter about her sexuality, and the sexy girls in the run away. I think people 's attitude sucks ! In her career! And attitude. She great. And those other girl bands ! In 70's & 80's! To present. Rock on ! Girls !

  5. 2:28:04 "Tragic Life Story of Neil Young" – give me a fucking break.
    Not only is he one of the greatest songwriters & artists of all time, he's had a terrific life, ups & downs like anyone else, yes, but "Tragic", no.

  6. It's weird the way they fail to mention David Bowie and Iman relationship. I noticed how they mentioned all of the other rockers wives and romantic relationships and completely left the love of David Bowie's life out of this documentary… It's weird.

  7. Pogue Mahone the " wiccan consulant" on the movie " the craft " said he Irish sea god " Mannanan" was part of the " wiccan" , anglo saxon word , religion . look just f , anglo saxon word , anglo saxon right off

  8. I don’t think voice happens in the resignation of the teeth it’s the vocal chords chest diaphragm tongue not really the teethe unless your gritting and singing through your teeth.

  9. I saw Led Zeppelin in Vancouver in their latter years and they sucked big time. There was no applause or encore and they only played about 25 minutes. When bands like James Brown or the Grateful Dead would play for hours just having a name is not enough to put on a show

  10. I can't believe they didn't win mention Iman when thy spoke of David Bowie. He is and was such a driving force to him and played a much more important role than some of the other hussies mentioned.

  11. It is interesting to note that out of all the members of The Beatles, Ringo turn out to be the true stateman/musician of the band! Considering he had always been viewed as the ugly duckling with no talent! Take that "Sir" Paul McCarthy!

  12. Bon was a force of nature! Those 5 dudes were each as vital a part of that band's power and song writing prowess! I mean "Whole lot of Rosie, the Jack, long way to the top! I would say his loss is on par with the losses of greats like John Bonham or Keith Moon just as example..

    ~42-39-56! You could say she got it Alllllll~

  13. Freddie Mercury was not 'coming out' – these r todays cliche terms. FM was a libertine, that was the phrase folks used back then. U cant force reality into your modern in the last 20 year-perspective. wtf

  14. Lead poisoning causes brain damage, not small stature. They obviously aren't brain damaged so it would seem they weren't exposed to lead in the pipes. What a ridiculous statement, to blame them being short on lead. It's okay to be short, you don't have to blame it on something scary.

    WITH THE DEVIL!?!?!?
    WISH I KNEW 4 SURE???✌️
    IT'S BEEN MANY YEAR'S ⁉️⁉️⁉️

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