This Is Why You Should ALWAYS Film Cops..

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) made an illegal and controversial stop with no probable cause and using a K9 to give …


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  1. I mean yea these guys are being nazi hogs and violating this dude's rights. But the dude with the camera is still one of those annoying libertarian shitlords who 4th amendment audits cops on the regular

  2. I don't like to argue with officers on the side of the road, it's not the time and place, I'll argue with them in the courtroom. However lying about us not having the right to record them, should immediately make them be fired, forced to pay back all the salary they've ever gotten from the job and ban them from all law enforcement, court, and law jobs. Period.

  3. If someone WANTS to be a Border Security Guard , that’s a HUGE 🚩and there’s probably something mentally wrong with them. My cousin is a Border Security Guard and he’s SO FUCKED in the head , AND WE’RE CANADIAN. My cousins racist, arrogant and overall the shittiest person I know and he studied IN SCHOOL so he could fuel his god complex. As someone who’s mixed race but white passing I’ve still had a shitty situation with Border Security. In my experience we (my great aunt (she’s Irish Scottish) and I ) were going from Canada into New York USA and they pulled us over because “we suspect that you’re sex trafficking an immigrant into the States” in reference TO ME. I immediately started filming and that pissed them off and when we shown them my Canadian Documents (passport,health card , BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND my college ID) it took MY SCHOOL ID FOR THEM TO BELIEVE ME, BUT NOT MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE FFS. It was Niagara Falls US border security and the way they “verified” if I was ME they CALLED MY FUCKING COLLEGE ON SPEAKER TO VERIFY I WAS A STUDENT THERE! When my someone from my school said I did go there the cop just went “alright I guess you’re good to go” and walked away LIKE WTF?? When we got to the first city we went to the police department and tried reporting it and they said “well we don’t deal with border security and it’s highly unlikely the officers will get in trouble and they’ll probably brush your case away so there’s no point” which is why I HATE American cops so much. Canadian cops aren’t much better , where I live might as well be Gotham with our crime rate and with how notoriously bad our cops are but I’d still rather be here than in the states because at least 1/15 cops are good and I trust that over anywhere in the states stats 😂

  4. I feel like a good way to go about it is just to reserve the right the shut the fuck up, no? Just be like here’s my license my registration, and insurance. Unless your arresting me run my shit and leave me be and not talk further? Would that be dumb?

  5. The people being like “what’s the point if you have nothing to hide” must be ok with the government putting cameras in every room of their house and searching them every time the leave since they have nothing to hide lmao

  6. all your arguments against searching the car are too f*ng similar to those arguments anti vaxers use to go karening at stores.
    So.. yeah. kind of hard to take seriously.
    I thought you were smarter than this.

  7. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. This is what Hasan and this driver feel, they got that victim ass mentality. If i had nothing to hide and was asked to be searched I wouldn't even let that shit escalate to this

  8. Bro i dont understand people. Why dont you just step out the car when you have nothing to hide. Ok hes doing you wrong, but come on just get out he looks at your car and its over, my god. Dont make everything dramatic

  9. It's always scary dealing with law enforcement in real life. It's easy to criticize behind a key board watching. It's easy to crack and panic or do the wrong thing when being interrogated.

  10. Even if Hasan is "not sure about that" about the cop leading the dog its pretty clear from watching the video that the cop taps on the glass and then a second later the dog sticks his nose up there and the cop is like "Right there?" as if the dog found something. To me thats pretty clear the cop was leading the dog to do that.

  11. That’s why k9 use should be illegal because the handlers can false alert their dogs to a car. If this happens and no drugs are found they should have to go back for extra training and their handlers demoted because they obviously don’t know how to do their jobs.

  12. Yupppp. I used to live in Arizona in the constitution free zone and they had border patrol stop every few miles on the highway that stopped every single car and searched them like this.

  13. The people saying he’s “being a karen” are people who are used to being pulled over by their uncle or friendly neighbour. Richard Pryor was talking about them in the 1970s.

  14. Watch the K9 patrolman's hand signal the dog raising his hand to the open window as though he's tossing something in, but it's a technique for the dog to "alert" that he suspects a perp in the car, The dog then jumped up to the open window. It's total builshit, all of this is!

  15. How is it legal for a cop to LIE to a person and say that they are required to turn their phone off??? A blatant attempt to lie to them and deny their rights as a citizen?


  16. What is your probable cause for stopping me?

    We have probable cause.

    Ok what is it?

    It's ya know probable cause.

    What is the probable cause?

    It's a cause that's probable

    Lmao It's like a fucking Abbott and Costello sketch.

  17. Did you know that your show with Ethan consistently gets the lowest amount of views and likes out of all the H3 podcast episodes? It is such a bad watch and the reason why is because of you!

  18. My sister when she was 20 years old(she’s 38 now) got pulled over for going 2 over the speed limit, it was her first time being pulled over. The cop came to the window with his gun pulled out and aim it at her face and started yelling at her to get out of the vehicle. We don’t like cops afterwards to say the least.

  19. I always struggle between watching this stuff and not, because I like see red which is just not good for me, but ignoring it for my own personal well being is half the problem in this country.

  20. The ONLY reason this man can get away with challenging cops this hard is because he's white (or white passing) btw. The guy is right to challenge, but he does look suspicious doing so. Before you jump down my throat, I've lived with and known cops my whole life. I've heard their thoughts on situations like this.
    My question is, where do we draw the line? Cops showing up in force like this is how they try to intimidate you into complying. However, they are still people too. I think we forget that sometimes.
    The whole system is fucked. Cops have too much power over our rights. I have conflicting emotions. It's hard. I'm not an ACAB guy, but I AM a comprehensive police reform guy.

    I'm willing to discuss ideas and our options.

  21. He’s lucky if he gets any footage from the border patrol. I can only imagine that they’ll find any reason to not give it to him. I know in Texas they can deny not giving you any footage if the incident did not result in an arrest. Which is complete f#%$!^ bulls#!- because that means they can harass you and get away with it if they don’t charge you with anything. Only way to protect yourself is to get a dash cam. Always be recording these a$$holes

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