Divvy – Flo – Unboxing Review – 14g @ 20.8% (208mg) THC/g (+Extreme Closeups)

This is Divvy’s Flo and it’s in a 14g bag. As usual I’ll open this up to see what it looks and smells like, then check the weight.


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  1. Flo is purple thai x Afghan. I buy divvy with tax $20. I dont pay 25+$. I had nebula 2 cbd, it was good but rare to find. I did a lot of flow & black window cbd & its great but getting tired of it. The last flow batch I had was package d same month bought & might of been my least fave batch. Divvy can be good till you use it alot.

  2. Hey man, hope your Covid experiences end completely asap. I really like the follow up reports.
    What an awesome idea they are. Gives us the rounded out experience with the herb in question.
    Thanks again and glad you had a good time with this one. Another on my tasters list hahaha.

  3. Someone i know got one with mold in it . He's in the middle of trying to get his money back now , i told him to go through the Ombudsman like you did . It would save him a lot of phone tag and a lot of 4 letter words . HAHAHA!
    Im glad your feeling better now . The big question is do you know who you got it from .
    i got some of the First Class Funk from Ghost Drops coming today . i got a few things i think that you need to try . when i get a chance , i will email you with the list . i just want to make sure you haven't got them already and did a video for it . LOL

  4. This is some of the best budget bud I have had since legalization.The smell and taste remind me very much of Northern Lights: loads pine, wood and little bit of baking spice. The high is very nice, especially for the price! I haven't seen any mold yet myself, thankfully, out of the 3 bags I have gotten, so let's hope that continues!

  5. I don’t trust Divvy, I got mold on mine. It wasn’t obvious at first, didn’t smell bad either, but I found mold on some of the buds. Im thinking most people are getting mold, but probably aren’t seeing some because it could be small, in crevices, not too much and not on all the flower (I only found a couple nugs had mold). I’m too nervous to buy divvy ever again my batch was a 19% one

  6. I was having really bad anxiety over the holidays too and we had no idea why or where it came from. Like the worst it's ever been. Couldn't settle down and just relax, slow my thoughts, felt like I couldn't catch a breath, doctor tried to put me on seroquel…however the Redecan Reign Drops were suggested and I didn't think it would work.. First time using thc for Anxiety and……it worked. The drops calmed my nerves right down where I was able to sit and watch TV and just hang out like normal. I've been micro dosing since. 0.9ml every night. I also cut back on flower because of the drops lol

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