Anti-Vax Leader Pushes Drinking Urine for COVID, Guillermo's Deer Antler Spray & Anti-Vax Barbie!

We make our return to studio after an unwilling extra week off because of Omicron, there was some early-season drama on the …


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  1. Urine is the Highest medicine for just about All diseases of man kind. Goes back thousands of years, and things are possible that most "modern" ignorant westerners have no idea of.
    Propagandized everything that is real "here", with fake science, working for the elite.

  2. Every province here in Canada has vaccine passports and the unvaxed are banned from taking a train or a plane, bars, movies, restaurants, sporting events, night clubs, basically everywhere except pharmacies and grocery stores where masks are still mandatory

  3. Start asking yourselves a serious question why does the president and politicians and news people and late night talk show host and history channel and other famous people keep talking about God and satan and conspiracy theorist why did they try so hard to debunk the fact that secret societies like the illuminati and freemasons excist why did they call everyone who speaks against these satanist q anon followers when it isnt true why do they have to make a comedy out of satan and God and christians mocking both God and christians and people who believe they are satan followers and why have they continued to do this for over 10 years even making tv series to make fun of conspiracy theorist and why is egyptiant ancient teachings heiroglyphs and symbols and false gods connected to all these secret societies and witchcraft societies and to there meditation teachings like zen and yoga and third eye pineal gland minds eye meditation they call enlightened and to there 5 point pentagrams and elements and chakra's they love so much why is egypt connected to all this its simple those things of magic is witchcraft those false stars we draw and they use as symbols are false stars of false gods including the jewish 6 point one is also a witchcraft star of the false bull god and they really are all satan followers in secret occults and societies that sold there souls in darkness and madness


    The crazy guy trying to make money from people scared of vaccines is not the same as the guy that doesn’t want to force people to get a vaccine from vaccine companies suppressing people from finding other legitimate alternatives, like ivermectin. Nor is even that the same people that are against mandates. Wake up, sheeple.

  5. I’m anti vaccine mandates. I am for the vaccine, despite having health issues from it, but my doctors recommend me to not get more. Focus on yourself. The vaccine does not prevent spread so do what’s best for you and shut your mouth.

  6. Orrrrr! People who I don’t want the vaccine simply don’t see the need for one when their survival rate is over 99% point
    I don’t want the vaccine simply don’t see the need for one when their survival rate is over 99.97%… people getting the vaccine in order to raise the survival rate to 99.98% , well also risking and hold side effects from the vaccine itself, just seems a little ridiculous to me.

  7. Just because they have "moloch" the god of child sacrifice, the eye of Horus,and New World Order written in Latin, on your dollar bill. Just because the Washington Monument is 555 high 111 bellow,and do their business in a pentagram called a pentagon.. doesn't mean they're Satanist.💀

  8. OK, so now I want antivaxx Barbi & her dream ventilator. I just wish it had been available before Christmas. There's a lot of people who would've gotten this for Christmas in my home town. Unfortunately, they still wouldn't understand it.

  9. Good. Promote the heck out of Christopher!!!!
    You guys are Satanic scum! Paid for by big Pharma. We all know cable TV is a JOKE!
    Anyone can look up the patents to see what is happening.

  10. Most reasonable people don't need a health care worker to tell them not to drink their own urine. Urine is your body expelling things it does not need or want. I think the medical term for that guy is: dingus.

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