"Hypnosis, Distorted Reality, And Other Thoughts" 1/21/22

It’s a Friday night and another week is beginning to wind down. Maniacal comments and behavior from people like Howard Stern …


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  1. I cant be hypnotized, well not yet ,and not by someone else .I try subliminal and meditative self held guided stuff but thats different I suppose I want to actually manifect the results .

    But absolutely I totally feel like the most awake people are far more challenging to "hypnotize " its verry clear thats what is going on but in a global scale here .
    When people in the public are mindlessly regurgitating the mantras of the elites running this show ,without their statememts even making sense in the conversation. Lol .
    My most irritaring keyword phrase I noticed is the "left leaning sheeps " will just say ,I can't engage in this conversation because the grammer is so bad and you cant spell " but sometimes the person they said this to is legit posting important information, grammer is good and so is the spelling .

    Is super obvious to me ,I cant even watch msm its cringworthy ,like b budget acting …but they are literally under mind control .

    Freaky Friday stuff .
    Note I work in healthcare * you can imagine how cringy the morning covid huddles are at work 😬

  2. Just about 48 minutes in.. does anyone have a link for that girl talking to her school? Very powerful stuff I'd like to share it far and wide . Thanks, love your show Frank

  3. I am pretty sure Abraham's voice alone could hypnotize someone. He has that tone that sounds like what you would hear from a hypnotist. So very interesting. Need to have him on alot more on that subject! So interesting to me.

  4. I have known about the lies and distortions around myself for so many years. It’s been hard to be called a weirdo and crazy. Thank You for words. No worries about our financial system. Everyone will be very happy with what is coming. Gold backed is coming

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