Death Is Coming/ Unexpected News

Death is Coming and unexpected news this week puts my journey into perspective. Sweater I am wearing …


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  1. I’m praying for you and love listening to you and your day. When your title says: “death is coming” I get so upset and the other titles are so gloomy. I’m not waiting for you to drop. I’m concerned. I come to
    See you because you’re amazing not the title of your vlog but now I’m thinking it’s not so serious. I’m sad you’re in pain. But these titles are so scary.

  2. Just found this….don’t know what’s most stupid…baby talk to/with the dog, speaking in 3rd person, provocative titles…’death is coming’, discussion of the big ‘time sensitive deal/dill she missed, etc. whatever…boring/stupid.
    Hope she’s not ‘dying….death right around the corners’….but, holy cow….won’t wate another two seconds! Good luck lady…..

  3. Jodi, I had to unsubscribe from your channel a while back because of your click bait titles. Also I wish that you were a little bit more genuine about sharing products from your sponsors. The way you stage things seem impersonal. i’d rather you sit down for a couple of minutes describe it and talk about it. But the click bait titles are what made me unsubscribe. It’s unfair and it’s not kind to your viewers. Otherwise, I enjoy your channel and everything you post. I still cheer you on but now I do it from a far. I come back here every once in a while to check in and to see if you’ve hopefully changed. I’ll check back again soon. 💜💜

  4. Hi Jodi,don’t want to intrude in your personal life but I think we all just want to know you are ok,we miss you,if one of your family could just let us know you are alright,meanwhile you are in our thoughts and prayers,we love you ♥️❤️🙏💙

  5. If you scroll down the comments you will see that there is a heart from toocutefor cancer given just a few hours ago, so she is aware and probably simply avoiding posting a new video right now to get everyone all concerned after many called her on the business of click baiting.

  6. Hi Jodie !! I have checked everyday since last video to see if any new ones have come out… I hope you are okay ? We are soo worried.. Please let us know We Miss you..!! 🙂

  7. Hi jodi it's been quite a few days since you were last on, we are very worried and hope you are ok, could someone from you family please tell us how you are, love you millions and payers for you x

  8. Hello Jodi, praying that all is ok with you. Haven’t heard from you in a little bit. If someone could just let us know your ok that would be awesome.

  9. Hi Jodi. I’m from Sydney, Australia and want to let you know that I miss your videos. When you do release one, down here we receive them about roughly 1.00am and as I too am a breast cancer survivor and can’t sleep, I love watching you at that time. You basically keep me company! My guess is you’re having a well earned break and if that’s the case I hope Bentley is enjoying having you all to himself. If you’ve had a bit of a set back, can you let us know as we are all really missing you and worrying. Hope to see your videos again soon. Take care.

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