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The Pat McAfee Show | Friday September 10th, 2021

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22 thoughts on “The Pat McAfee Show | Friday September 10th, 2021

  1. People crying about JB need to get a grip and Pat acting the way he did was just embarrassing.

  2. coach jb was wrong about everything lsu killed mcneese

  3. FYI, there is no year 0. It's been 2020 years since year 1

  4. Mently strong suffer. Mently week complain.

  5. Lol that’s the truth about the old generation I broke my ankle when I was in 7th grade in the summer and I was scared to call my dad and tell him I broke my ankle and of course when I did he started flipping like I broke it on purpose

  6. Yeah, I uh, I get the feeling Coach JB won't be joining every friday given the news coming out about his arrest warrants back in ol' Independence, which sucks cos I love Coach JB

  7. Pat went with the Papa John's defense for not cutting the JB interview: "Aw nah, he wasn't saying a racial slur, he was just saying a racial slur saying someone ELSE said it."

  8. I wonder if Pat will come on tomorrow and talk about how he might be wrong about the Dolphins and how they could do well in the AFC East. I mean it’s only one game and an ugly one at that, but the Dolphins are 1-0 and sitting Alone atop that division.

  9. I cannot wait to hear the mental gymnastics defending aaron and the complete assfucking by an "inferior' team. Glad your boy had a tantrum to get cobb. Can't wait for rodgers 0 and 17 Tuesdays.

  10. Yo this dude JB is a boss. I cant wait for the next time

  11. Coach JB is next level entertaining and insightful 👏

  12. Dude that is up with that annoying ass countdown in the beginning

  13. Brandon Stanley 100% stole Tom Brady's voice. Listening on the radio here and it sounds just like him. Great show boys as always.

  14. bruh… Coach JB is just sad…dudes delusional about getting a job at a power 5 or even mid major or nfl….

  15. It will be interesting to see what sponsors disappear after that coach JB interview 🤣

  16. Hearing this random dude idk talk for so long is the best experience of my life

  17. Connor could carry the show

  18. Huge chargers show⚡️⚡️

  19. Need more Coach JB in my life.

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