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The Cannabis Expo – Sandton 2021

Hey Guys we are at the Sandton Cannabis Expo 2021! Let me show you what is happening. Thanks for watching guys! Grow …


8 thoughts on “The Cannabis Expo – Sandton 2021

  1. Peace For All Weed Smoker 💨

  2. I was there what a good time you could smoke outside but weed was sold kinda secretly hahahaha over all I had a great time sorry for not saying hi to you guys got a little too baked

  3. Quick question : where's the weed?

  4. Section 21 license sounds fun

  5. I imagined they were going to sell seeds … I lost my 100km trip

  6. Wish i could have been there to have a chat with you guys, love the videos and stuff you guys do. Thanks for your efforts 🙂

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