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Does CBD do anything? Exhale CBD gummy review (25mg)

Many people still take CBD, despite all the new THC variants that are coming out. Let’s investigate CBD to see if it does anything.


13 thoughts on “Does CBD do anything? Exhale CBD gummy review (25mg)

  1. is where you can find this company, and TRUEREVIEW saves you 20%

  2. I did shellshocks cbd drops for the reccomended dose for 2 months and stopped as they didn't do much for me. The D8 here and there seems to be better. Not spending 60 bucks a month like that

  3. Pschoactively I’ve never felt cbd but physically it helped with my pain. Like advil or Tylenol. Not so much for my anxiety or depression in my opinion. Also if you get too high it’ll help you sober up

  4. I've tried CBD so many times and that stuff never does anything to me. Genuinely don't feel ANY different, and I've had CBD gummies and oil. And it doesn't work

  5. CBD is good for anxiety and depression

  6. I hope you didn't waste your $45 bro. I've also tried CBD many times to quit thc and I am at a huge belief that it is a gimmick. I do not doubt however that there are health benefits, but for those who are trying to quit thc, I don't think this would be it, even though it being a cannabinoid. I one time ate a whole 500mg bag and I noticed 0 effects. Then one time I was trying to get a job that drug tested so I was off thc for 3 months buying CBD products here and there and guess what… Never got a high, YET still failed the test… It should be considered a scam if it is directed for feeling something.

  7. People that don't use THC would love this ! They would buy it

  8. Yes it can it's more of a relaxing effect,CBD doesn't compete with THC a budtender told me, as far as your thco thing it's s separate way of metabolism so reg CBD isn't affected by it.

  9. There are scammers. I heard certain cbd mind work but never tried them. Furthermore the flower is supposed to take the edge off of delta8/delta9

  10. One of my father's co-worker claims she can take a particular CBD gummy and feel it for 3 days.

    I just shake my head and chuckle.

  11. Although there are a ton of people who dislike the effects of THC and for them CBD is a wonderful alternative.

  12. Nope, our tolerance is way too high to feel any of the benefits that CBD can provide

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