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are RAW GARDEN CARTS still good in 2021?

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43 thoughts on “are RAW GARDEN CARTS still good in 2021?

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    Toqi 510-

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  2. That’s what I felt the sprite

  3. Carts have changed… the whole game has changed… I’m not gone lie everything went to shit with the carts when they popped dank vapes. Yeah dem bitches was fake but dem bitches was raww 😭 I’d definitely buy one jus to go to the old days.

  4. I've definitely never found a better cartridge than Raw Garden. I'm not saying it's not possible that a better one exists but I haven't found it yet

  5. Two hits and I’m good to go. The effects last a good two hours. Love these carts.

  6. My raw garden cart doesn’t have the California warning thing on the cart

  7. Hell yeah they are👌🏽 best taste, smooth rips, great high, and quality ingredients. What more do you want? I have a Kush Cake Cookies cart witch is Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Cherry Pie and it’s straight 🔥

  8. Got em in Houston if y’all interested lol

  9. Can you do a video on plug play

  10. How does raw garden compare to friendly farms?

  11. Yeah the product is good and all but wtf is the point if it all leaks out!? I kid you not every single one of these carts have had leakage, some worse than others. The last one I got was so bad, it only lasted me 4 days (full g). Super messy and wasteful… I'm done with these.

  12. Raw garden and Kurvana is the best CCELL type vapes.

  13. Shits either fake or real so I don’t cop

  14. Chiefing off one rn this shit good

  15. You and drew are the best stoner channels on youtube mate mad love

  16. Just ordered my Toqi 510! Thanks for the 10% off bruh. Solid! Can’t wait to try it out !

  17. Just bought one yesterday its ok i haven’t smoked it a while and it was cool 🔥

  18. I never tried raw garden till 4 days ago I ordered from a dispensary scarlet macaw and all I smoke is stiiizy all day and raw garden tasted so good but I could tell it's not live resin but cdt and I loved it but I paid 25 for the 0.333 and used it for bed and literally got 9 hits from it and it was the ready to use disposable

  19. Ok but why is it dark yellow instead of straight up clear now. Obviously something changed lol. I don’t fw em anymore

  20. Bro ditch raw garden and try out Cold fire extracts live resin! The flavor is out of this world! You won’t be disappointed 😎

  21. ion Like raw gardens I do for smoke buh cuzz da Shii don’t Last me 😭😭😭 atleast 3 days

  22. How much do they sale for?

  23. Swear I didn’t get a notification

  24. When I pick up from the shop my raw gardens come out different like in a clear container or sometimes the white tube same for you guys I only pick up from the shop

  25. i think cdt carts like raw garden carts are good just over priced at my local shops , for = price or less i can get real live resin like ursa or friendly farms which is in another league of fire. CDT carts have a very smacking fast acting in your face very intense high that i think people enjoy alot its more of a fuck you up feel , live resin i feel offers more of a calmer body high that hits you slower but i think feels better and lasts longer.

  26. Been loving raw garden before they sold carts and yea the batch and strains do matter. They taste sooo good when they new.

  27. you should review crystal clear cartridges one day they have live resin carts too pretty smack they are good stuff up here n seattle

  28. I think saying raw garden is the best 510 is a stretch 😅 raw garden is kinda like the hype beast brand that’s good but there’s better

  29. Bruh you do the best vids, I wanted to get another one since 2020 and it smacked, thanks for the big review big man 💯

  30. Terp central 😂

  31. I just copped a apple slushie plugnplay and a purple punch stiiizy they both smack

  32. Yessir Seby! Im glad you got a hitter from them 😂 They’re still good but you just need certrain crosses broski. Their GG4 Crosses always slap! their Funk n Fire! was gas 🥵

  33. Honestly I love raw garden and yes it maybe a distillate and live resin terp mix but it has gotten me more medicated than some pure live resin by definition cartridges. Also the same people that try to argue raw garden being live resin use delta 8 and other cannabinoid distillate so I don’t understand the need for some people to be so hard on raw garden

  34. How you feel about dr zodiak bro ? I recently got shot 12 times and the dr z carts really help my recovery process during therapy walkin again

  35. 🔥vid as always
    Do a review on the new honeyleaf LRS flavors 🔥

  36. 1 year old cartige 😭💀

  37. currently smackin on a stiiizy raw gardens are up there forsure

  38. Can you do a review on push carts

  39. How do they compare to the hometown hero d8 carts?

  40. Definitely better with the fresh batch. Anything 3 to 4 month's or older begin to taste kinda stale and off. Luckily I live where the produce raw garden so it doesn't travel far, so our clubs usually have very fresh RG!

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