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10 Things You Should Never Bring On A Cruise

Hey Cruisers! Cruising has CHANGED and today, we’re sharing our UPDATED list of 10 things you should never bring on a …


22 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Never Bring On A Cruise

  1. Not allowed power strips with surge protectors lol

  2. Recently was on ncl cruise. Not knowing water isnt allowed my mother had brought 7 bottles of water in her luggage.. when it was scanned they kept saying it was too much. I told them it was my 80 yr old mothers bag so they let her go with it.

  3. I can’t wait till cruise lines and other travel realize it’s better to have guests chilled (CBC oil) then drunk and disorderly.

  4. Question, you mention incense etc but what about essential oil diffusers? I like to use mine to help me sleep 😴

  5. I use wrinkle release but had a shirt that I knew would not work well with that. I ran hot water in the bathroom when I took a shower the first night and hung the shirt in the bathroom for a little while after getting out and it was fine then.

  6. Ham radio transmitters or transceivers. I think FRS walkie-talkies may be OK but I'm not sure.

  7. You can use your straightener/curling iron to “iron” your clothes!! It’s not ideal, but it works

  8. Children!! Leave them at home!!

  9. ❤️❤️❤️.. thx you

  10. I liked how she paused on the handcuffs

  11. I really wish I could bring my Keurig mini plus with me. It has an auto off after 90 seconds. 😢

  12. How about the infamous rice cooker?!

  13. This is for Carnival (skateboards, hoverboards, healies. Any bladed instrument (knives, scissors)).

  14. Hello. Happy 2022. You look great. God bless. We just canceled our 1-6-22 Princess Southern Caribbean cruise. We have 3 Viking cruises planned in September, November and December. I trust them. We had an Eastern European River cruise in November 2021 and everyone was fine.

  15. Don't bring camouflage clothing. You can wear it on the ship, but it's reserved for service members in most countries and forbidden to wear.

  16. Use hair straightener to press small items

  17. How about lysol spray or rubbing alcohol.

  18. Oh also I beleive most cruiseline don't allow drones.

  19. Great video!! These are some of the big ones. Also if anyone who was thinking about bringing a candle for scent purposes, Glades makes small space air freshners that are really good, they don't need to be plug in at all.

  20. Can portable oil infusers be brought? I have on that is operated on batteries, the oil is on a felt pad and blown with a fan.

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