Our First OTC 🚀 Alert 🚨 of 2022 Coming at the Opening Bell 💥

Alex Carlson recaps the action in #pennystocks #OTCstocks on the #OTC. He covers EPAZ, OPTI, RSHN, HDUP, CVSI, VTXB, …


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  1. Dude, please don’t ever say that type of test is accurate. It is not. That’s the truth. There’s 60% false positives, the makers say so, the inventor, who died 1 month after inventing, said in a taped interview they’re not supposed to used for test of this virus because EVERYONE has the strain in their DNA and if it’s spun too much all will test positive. And that’s what they do. Spin too much! So play the stock, don’t espouse science please.

  2. still say Opti is a buyer beware stock. even if Roger leaves. based on his previous, he wont really leave. it has been one giant con. The Weshield connection is also now highly suspect. Be careful, do your DD.

  3. $GMVD did $6 million rev last yr. This week they announced orders for 6 million COVID test kits. They will make $7 million gross profit on the kits, but the big money is when people send them back to the lab and they bill the insurance company $85 lab fees per test. If only 10% of the kits were sent in that would be $51 million in revenue this year, a 10 fold increase! If 25% took the test and sent them in that is $127 million in revenue.

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