Uhuru: Some people tried to demonise Political Parties Bill 2021 the way they did with BBI

President Uhuru Kenyatta: Some people tried to demonise Political Parties Bill 2021 the way they did with BBI.


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  1. I think if it were not for the corruption and his deputy wasting energy and time in campaigns ,Uhuru would have done a better job.Governors through the devolution funds need also to up community impact development projects.Good job bwana Uhuru and could have done better.

  2. Yes the nhif formsshould have aplace for children above 15 years so that children can benefit from funds from there parents. This childhood identity card opens accounts n part of the money goes to childrens account for this it looks different from adults but is changed when they reach i8 yrs helping them intergrate into the working environment m protect family property like titles,n other issues like euniversity fees n health insuarances n even transporthelping public transport n parents to budget wel were there kids goes its allows jobs during the school holidays at areasonable salary.

  3. Lack of competition breeds complacency. It breeds a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements. Kenya as a democracy is where it is today because it allowed diversity of views in a competitive environment. Raila and the opposition brought a sense of competition and a wish to be better in kenya. Healthy regulated Competitive democracy fosters development . A good example is devolution that brought inter county competition and has changed Kenya.

  4. President said He is a PROUD MEMBER of AZIMIO la UMOJA. We can all agree as Kenyans that this is the kind of leadership that reflects the image of Kenya. It's orderly, it's neat and unifies all nationalities. Kenyans cant wait for Baba the 5th to restore sanity into this nation. GHO Snr.

  5. Uhuru please stop the drama and bravado, go start writing the handover report and leave Kenyans alone to decide their future otherwise you will be thoroughly embarrassed come August 2022

  6. Is this man knows what is disturbing Kenyans and more so the ordinary ones?You mean you have settled all the problems beckoning Kenyans so that you start telling us more about the political parties bill?Kaa na hao matajri wenzako lakini tutapatana nao kwa debe.

  7. President promised during his campaign of 2017 supplying of 💻lap and no where to be heard. Kenya if would be managed it's economy ,citizens would be satisfied about basic needs may ALLAH sw chose for us a good leaders who never bother their pockets.

  8. kaleo looter loot billions but give lazy, clueless, ignorant fellows aka hustlers crumps, mkokotenis and wheelbarrows; symbol of poverty, slavery, oppression, surrender and domination under the kaleo looter; dummies this looter will condemn you and your children to wheelbarrow lifestyle, mediocrity, poverty and hard labour

  9. kaleo looters used gova resources to build uda now sell nominations for 200million; by selling nominations for 200million is clear signal that if you vote uda merchants of corruption they have evil intention looting public resources to recover this fees& profit; wonder why kenya remained stuck with very little development in arap moi kaleo looters regime wasted 23years of dictatorship, mismanagement, economy destruction &corruption

  10. They must not demonise this bill because it protrays the country in bad light as ungovernable,n we need to engage with foreign bodies for future growth thru grants n donar funding,they may not want to do this thinking that our coruption is all politicaly based n im sure this not the narative we want to protray.they may think we r on a crisis yet were not we have alawful runing government.

  11. bbi kitu amabaye sijapenda ni kuengezeka viti ya wakubwa ni gharama hiyo itaumiza sisi kila kitu itapanda bei ushuru itazidi na wenye kubeba mzigo ni wananchi sioni maana ya hiyo bbi just waste of money hizo pesa wafunguwe kila county factory wa kenya wapate job. allah yuko na sisi in sha allah atatupa good leaders those will care about us kenyans. tuombe mungu ashinde wale ambaye wanajali maslahi yao binafsi may Allah protect us all n give us a good leader in sha allah we are tired of selfish politics na upuzi ya ukabila miaka nenda miaka rudi we us kenyans lets live united n tupendane tuishi kwa amani tusikubali kugawanywa ki ukabila n end this politics of tribalism. may Allah bless kenya 🇰🇪

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