How long are different drugs detectable in your system – urine testing, hair testing, etc.

Learn More; Dr. Nuesse talks about the drug testing process ans how long certain drugs stay in your …


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  1. I started taking the medication I bought from Dr igho channel on YouTube and surprisingly it was working gradually and in 9days everything changed. I am really happy that you cured me naturally and I pray that God strengthens you Dr igho!

  2. So I don’t smoke & my boyfriend was a previous smoker. We did kiss obviously, can I get it in my system from kissing him? Now I feel like isnt a silly question based off reading some crazy stuff. Because I’m trying to get into trucking next week & didn’t even know second-hand existed.

  3. So i did a couple of lines on new years eve today is monday and i have a drug test next week for a new job. Will i be clean next week??
    P.s. im not a regular user..

  4. I’ve taken Cbd oil mostly the kind that’s thc free but about a month ago used the type that has 0.3% thc in it. Took it 2 days in a row twice a day I believe. I’m worried I will fail a hair follicle test I took a couple days ago….. any data on this?

  5. I know some one who hasn’t smoked in over a year and has smoked yesterday on his vacation .. and that’s it.. he has to go back to work in a week… do you think he’ll be good if they random him ??

  6. hey doc if i ate half of a weed brownie 12 days ago and i need to get a urine and blood test for renal (digestive etc) problems, will it show up in my results?

  7. I smoked about 10 weed cartridges, 3 joints, and a handful of edibals in the past month or so. How long do you think it will take before I test negative for urine test.

  8. I have been a regular marijuana smoker for 1 year and quit for 2 months from October to December just now and have passed the drug test. But just last night, I smoked 3 joints. Will I be able to pass the test again in 25 days if I don’t smoke at all till that time?

  9. Hello doc I just subcribed ur youtube channel can I have some question for u, If a person used a methapethamine just 1 day is it possible to make ur drug test positive?

  10. Just took a har folicle they used my unshaven armpit hair wich was about 2 inches long, last I smoked was a gram or two of weed about 5-6 months ago, do you think I will be okay?

  11. What about breuphonorphine under toung tablet ? If it is taken about twenty 2mg tablets finished in 40 days 0.5 mg per day and last intake was before a week ?

  12. My husband had 1 codeine pill 8 weeks ago 30mg for back pain. And has a hair follicle test for a new job next week. Do you think he will pass?

    He doesn’t do drugs, however was around people smoking weed over the weekend.

  13. I have question so if i smoke one last time today and after that i stop smoking completely, then i have graduation next year (December 2022) & have a hair follicle test will i pass ?

  14. Haven't done coke In years, but I did 2 grams of coke on the 24th of November and have a urine drug screen on Dec 9th. Do you think I'll pass? TIA I'm 165 pounds and pretty skinny

  15. If I smoked one time one month and a half ago and I have been working out every day and have a high metabolism will I still come out positive on a hair follicle test

  16. I stopped smoking weed for 5 months and recently just relapsed and smoked 3 joints 🤦🏾 how long would it stay in my system I’m 20
    Years old and weigh 115

  17. Thanks for sharing this information….my daunting concern is that I’ve not smoked marijuana in a total of 67days…..I took a urine screening on the 62nd day (10/09/21) and it’s still positive 😔 The only thing clearly understood from the report is the positive for cannabinoid and the cut off range, but I don’t know how to determine/decipher where I am to being at or below cutoff…..How do I determine the coding to know beyond me being positive for marijuana especially since it’s been nearing 2months and a half since I’ve indulged? I’m nervous about pre employment screening….That’s a mouthful lol😅 but again appreciate the info you’re sharing….Have a Great one ✨

  18. Hey doc , if I take Xanax and did a DOT 5 panel drug test will they be able to see that I came out dirty for benzodiazepines? I know the 5 panel doesn’t test for benzos but I’m just wondering if they are able to see that I’m dirty and also if it will cause me to fail

  19. Hi Easy DOT Physicals, just wondering, how common are 1 year medical certificates? Also, do you think it's harder to get hired if you only have a 1 year med certif?

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