1711: Steel Plates Vs. Bumper Plates, Chronic Stress on Gains, & More

00:00 MAPS RGB Giveaway 00:55 Mind Pump Fit Tip: Are you looking to get lean? Well, you might have to bulk to make that …


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  1. Today, I am starting my fitness journey to lose weight. I will trust the process and bulk first before cutting. I am excited and nervous because I would've never thought of a calorie surplus to lose weight.

  2. Gentlmen, this comment is more for Adam and Sal for their young children, I know you would like to keep your children walking barefoot as much as possible… when shoes are required however the best barefoot shoes we've come across for our young Son is Vivobarefoot. Keep up the great work, your all an inspiration.

  3. Yo BOYZ! Really Appreciate the conversations, the last month and a half has been a continual struggle of staying disciplined and doing the right things. Mind Pump, has been playing in the background oscillating between these decisions.

  4. How do I encourage others to exercise and to have healthy lifestyles?

    My dad is in poor shape and I’m worried for his health, and my girlfriend doesn’t exercise and I want to be able to share my passion for fitness with her. Love the podcast guys, keep it up!

  5. Adam on a unicycle, Justin in a singlet doing strongman and Sal, selling tonic at the whole foods booth, that's what my imagination showed me because of Sals comment about Adam on a unicycle. And Doug is the ringmaster.

  6. Merry Christmas guys! Your boy just had his car stolen and I have 2 sick kids at home, but they tested negative for Covid and maybe now I can buy myself a newer car and use whatever the insurance company gives me as a down payment. Gotta look at the bright side of things. Thanks for all the advice. Looking forward to growing more in 2022, not only physically but also as a person

  7. I never in my life won something so it would be a beautiful Christmas surprice to get your bundle, guys 🙂
    Your show is a part of my day and I learnd so much from you. Thank you 🙂

  8. It’s nuts that I’m just finding this podcast. Found this like a month ago and caught up with every video. You guys have the best back catalogue of any YouTube channel. Nothing is dated. Keep up the good work.

  9. Keep up the great work guys. Your information is tremendous and super educational, not to mention entertaining. Great to listen to the three of you on a regular basis.

  10. Just recently found within the last couple months your podcast on YouTube and you guys all are great . Extremely knowledgeable and not just for the extremely in shape gym addict, I feel like you include and in some ways dedicate the majority of your comments to the average person which is very helpful and appreciated! I subscribed and now listen when I can to not just new episodes but old episodes as well, keep on rocking!! Thanks

  11. No wonder my body composition didn't change after 5 years of resistance training. I was under-eating and over-training all the time. You have no idea how scary it is to eat more than 1200 calories per day and only train 2-3 days a week. I took you guys' advice to add more calories gradually and do the heavy lifting for 2 days. The rest of the week I'm doing the mobility exercises. It's been a month now, I don't see any changes so far. I wanna believe the process, but meanwhile, I'm also afraid of all the changes. I listen to your podcast every day to get rid of my doubt and remind myself that I'm doing the right thing. Have a leap of faith. Thank you so much for providing the amazing info, and I'll give it a try for one year to see what's going to happen to my body.

  12. Why do humans have a faster metabolism as children/teens? If there was a survival/evolution component wouldn’t it go the other way? Thanks guys ur awesome!!

  13. Thank you guys for having such a well-rounded podcast that can make you laugh, think and improve your life overall. I’ve noticed a big difference in not only my physical health but my mental health as well just listening to you guysN

  14. Another 🔥 episode, great information on the bulk-cut process👍 gotta say Sal, you looking good man, was surprised to hear your testosterone situation on previous podcast, but it seems like you've managed to turn it into a positive outcome

  15. With the holiday craziness I've been listening more on my podcasts app than YT lately, but I had to hop back on to let you guys know how stoked I am about the new launch! I'm currently running MAPS Starter and was wondering where to go once I've completed that. Starter to Anabolic seems like such a huge leap so I was probably looking at repeating Starter before moving on to Anabolic. I've been wishing there was something in between the two that I could easily carry over from home workouts to workouts in the gym. It sounds like Resistance is exactly what I've been wishing for! So much versatility incorporated into one program! I'll definitely be looking more into Resistance once I'm closer to completing Starter. Thank you so much!

  16. Thank you for all this free knowledge!!! Working out is a journey!!! This podcasts is awesome!!! I know there is a lot of options but if you are new to this podcast…. Start with all the podcasts for each body parts biceps, triceps, etc…
    This podcast is a great and helps me stay motivated throughout my work day!!! I’m thinking about become a personal trainer on the side just because of this podcast!!! Keep up the good work!! Thanks happy holidays!!!

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