Trying All the @Dixie Belle Paint Company Topcoats & Limited Fall Paint Color Release

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  1. Excellent video, you are an excellent teacher! Have you ever done one about the Dixie Belle glazes? I just bought the gold one and am having trouble using it since the effect seems to be extremely subtle.

  2. I'm very informative and I learned A lot watching your videos. There are so many waxes and top Coats to choose from I didn't know there was so many.

  3. Can you use the Gator Hide to seal Dixie Belle paint on upholstery? I painted a chair that has a nap to it with Dixie Belle's palmetto and now I need to sand it and seal it. Which top coat would you recommend for that?

  4. I'm all subscribed to all the channels for a while now….but I forgot to mention what color I would love to try. :LOL….how do I pick?! If I would have to pick just one, I would say Merlot, only because it is so out of my comfort zone, and it looks just AMAZING!!!!!

  5. Hi Christina. Question…do you know of a way to remove a "skirt" piece of wood from the front of a nightstand? It is soft wood, pine i guess, and I can't seem to get the skirt to budge! Any help is appreciated.

  6. i like to use the Big Mama’s and hemp oil on top of acrylic paints to put a bit of a top coat on them. Even if they have a sealer built in it is nice to add this additional layer of protection.

  7. 🥰❤❤❤I've always been a huge craft, painter, and DIY girl, but you lit a fire in me that I can go even bigger and imagine even greater.
    PLUS I JUST PLACED MY FIRST ORDER TO DIXIE BELLE LAST NIGHT and I am so tickled to work with some amazing and quality products and I have a wish list in my Dixie Belle account for sooooo many more of their awesome colors/products in the near future!

    Thank you for your creative content and tips!

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