Drug Legalization — Public Forum Topic, Jan 2022

Resolved: The United States federal government should legalize all illicit drugs. Categorization exercise list: marijuana, meth, …


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  1. What are your thoughts on a federalism type case for the Con? Basically saying that the federal gov. is a bad actor and the states should be legalizing instead (which there is some merit that this is happening in the status quo). So we just agree with everything the Aff says, but say their method of doing what they say is worse.

  2. drugs don't do permanent damage to your brain. Just like Harry Anslinger lied when he said marijuana causes black men to sleep with white women and forget their place when he made them illegal, this is another lie. One less racist. The government has been lying about health harms, exaggerating them, and outright lying about them. Racism made them illegal. Lying about health harms keeps them illegal when racism isn't acceptable. However, it is like saying 2+ 2 = 5. It will always be a law entirely motivated by racial prejudice. Doctors never gave a shit.

  3. Here’s a possible answer for the Drug War Argument: Legalizing drugs would cripple drug cartels income through drug related dealings, so they would have to find income through other means. This would most likely come from human / sex trafficking, meaning that legalizing drugs would actually increase human /drug trafficking. just a thought.

  4. For aff, I feel like the alcohol prohibition is unnecessary. I think all you have to say is that right now there are problems such as drug cartels and overdosing. And then all you have to say is that legalization will help not hurt.

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